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Digital Photography Education A manual for Adobe Camera Raw 
Digital Photography: Education An assortment of Photoshop tips 
Digital Photography: Education Are your distance photos not sharp? Check out how to maximize clearity by learning about hyperfocal distance. 
Digital Photography: Education Good resource on what those camera icons do 
Digital Photography: Education Great site for photographic tips 
Digital Photography: Education How to Photograph Trees 
Digital Photography: Education How to photograph water drop rebounds 
Digital Photography: Education Many useful photography tips 
Digital Photography: Education Newsletter for beginner and intermediate photographers 
Digital Photography: Education Photography tips, tutorials, equipment, post production 
Digital Photography: Education Unusual techniques for winning images 
Digital Photography: Experience Outdoor Photography Participate in outdoor photography assignments and view the work of other outdoor photographers 
Photography Blog Canon Blogger: Very interesting posts..not all Canon! 
Photography Blog Lisa's Blog: This blog deals with anything photography. She has many very useful articles and links. Just pick and choose. 
Photography Blog Photo Naturalist: Posts and landscape images, normally keeps 
Tutorials: Adobe products Download and install iTunes. Then click link for several free tutorials on Photoshop by Michael Rather. Click View in iTunes. Check out all the other podcasts available at the bottom of the page--free. 
Tutorials: Adobe products Scott Kelby Photoshop Insider: Great pointers for Photoshop 
Tutorials: Adobe products Tim Grey: Succinct tutorials, extremely knowlegable answering specific questions, great CDs Subscribe to daily emailed newsletter with succinct tips! 
Tutorials: Adobe Products Tutorial by Georgianne Giese on Beginning Compositing and Painting 
Tutorials: Photography Ian Plant Dreamscapes: Great landscape photography, ideas, also has a blog 
Tutorials: Photography PSA Journal: Many interesting resources, including "How To's" 
Tutorials: The Photographer’s Ephemeris Find download of tool at Resources: Image Making Tools 
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