Robotics Tools

Robotics Tutorials

Robot Software Platforms (Middleware)

  • ROS (Robot Operating System), Willow Garage: The most popular software platform
  • RDS (Robotics Developer Studio), Microsoft
  • OpenRTM-aist (Open Real-Time Middleware), AIST
  • The Orocos Project (Open Robot Control Software)
    • It includes  Kinematics/Dynamics Library (KDL),  BFL (Bayesian Filtering Library), and Orocos Toolchain including real-time component support.
  • MOOS (Mission Oriented Operating System), Oxford Mobile Robotics Group
  • OPRoS (Open Platform for Robotic Services),  Kangwon Univ, ETRI, and  KITECH
  • Robot Middleware Comparison Table (See Table 2)
  • c.f. Software Architectures
    • OpenJAUS (Open Joint Architecture for Unmanned System)
  • c.f. Commercial Products
    • ARIA (Advanced Robot Interface for Applications), MobileRobots
    • ERSP (Evolution Robotics Software Platform), Evolution Robotics

Robot Simulators

Robot Navigation Libraries

  • MRPT (The Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit), University of Malaga
  • Karto SDK, SRI International
  • uRON (Universial Robot Navigation Library), ETRI
  • Carmen (Carnegie Mellon Robot Navigation Toolkit), CMU
  • ARNL and Mapper, MobileRobots: Limited access to its robot users

Localization and Mapping (SLAM)

Global Path Planning

Local Path Planning (Obstacle Avoidance)

  • RVO2 Library (Reciprocal Collision Avoidance for Real-Time Multi-Agent Simulation), Jamie Snape

Path Following and Tracking

AI Games and Task Simulators