Research and Works

ETRI Robot Research Dept. (2008 - )

Personal Driving Diary: An Automatic Event Analyzer for Driving Videos
  • Personal Driving Diary is a multimedia archive of a user's daily driving experience. From the first-person view video, it estimates ego-motion of a user's vehicle and detects surrounding pedestrians and vehicles. Finally, it analyzes meaningful driving events (e.g. overtaking and sudden stop due to pedestrians) from such low-level estimation and recognition. More information is described in CVIU 2013 and Video.
  • Period: 2010/04 - 2012/12
  • Co-workers: Dr. M. S. Ryoo, Ji Hoon Joung, Dr. Jae-Yeong Lee, and Dr. Wonpil Yu
  • Award: "Best Video Award" @ The 6th Korea Robot Society Conference (KRoC)
uRON: An Universal Robot Navigation Library
  • uRON is a robot navigation library. It has various functionalities related to localization, mapping, path planning, path following, and obstacle avoidance. It aims for being device-independent, reconfigurable, and easy-to-use so that it can be applied to various robot platforms and services quickly and easily. It was applied to many Korean service and research robots including 11 service robots in Tomorrow City, Incheon, South Korea. I am a main developer of uRON and performed following researches related to it.
  • Period: 2008/12 -
  • Co-workers: Dr. Jae-Yeong Lee and Dr. Wonpil Yu

KAIST RIT Lab. (2006 - 2007)

Adaptive RANSAC and Its Applications
  • RANSAC is a robust regression technique against outliers. My research has focused on adaptiveness (a.k.a. user-independence) of RANSAC for unknown and varying inlier/outlier distribution. uMLESAC is an adaptive version of MLESAC so that it does not need parameters (e.g. the number of iteration and inlier threshold) which should be adjusted by a user in conventional RANSAC.
    • uMLESAC: Adaptive MLESAC SMC 2008
    • Applications to Landmark-based Localization SMC 2008 and Video Stabilization IROS 2009
  • RANSAC and its family is also reviewed in BMVC 2009 and has been released as RANSAC Template Library.
    • Survey and Performance Evaluation of RANSAC Family BMVC 2009
    • RANSAC Template Library Github
  • Period: 2006/12 -
  • Co-workers: Dr. Taemin Kim
Triangulation Toolbox: Open-source Algorithms and Benchmarks for Landmark-based Localization
  • Triangulation Toolbox is an collection of various landmark-based algorithms for localization such as angulation and lateration. It also contains various datasets and benchmarks to evaluate performance of the algorithms. More information is described in ICRA 2014.
  • Period: 2006/12 -
Omnibots: Omni-directional Mobile Robots
  • Omnibots are a set of omni-directional robots for FIRA Robot Soccer (RoboSot category). They are equipped with three omniwheels and a cadadioptric camera (to enable omni-direcitonal movement and observation). I performed following researches using these robots.
    • Path Tracking Considering Dynamics of Wheel Slippage ICRA 2007
    • Landmark-based Localization SMC 2008
  • Period: 2006/03 - 2008/01
  • Co-workers: Naveen S. Kuppuswamy, Dr. Daniel Stonier, Se-Hyoung Cho, Dong-Hyun Lee, Jae-Sang Sun, and Prof. Jong-Hwan Kim
  • Award: "The 2nd Prize in the RoboSot Category" @ 2007 FIRA RoboWorld Cup USA

SNU Sigma Intelligence (2001 - 2005)

Integral: A Security Robot
  • Integral is a low-cost (< $500) mobile robot for patrol and surveillance. It is equipped with a VIA Mini-ITX board, USB camera, and WLAN based on Linux operating system. Integral and its host program support teleoperation, target tracking, and remote video recording.
  • Period: 2005/05 - 2005/10
  • Co-workers: Sangwon Jee, Yugwang Jin, and Gyu-Hwan Nam
  • Awards: "Bronze Prize" @ 2005 SNU Electronics Fair and "Honor Prize" @ 2005 Korea Intelligent Robot Contest
VInput: A Vision-based Fingertip Mouse
  • VInput is a fingertip mouse using image processing techniques. It is targeted to digital hand-held devices such as a cellular phone, so its image processing techniques should be fast and light enough to run in such devices. I proposed three simple techniques including a novel color space, DiffRGB.
    • DiffRGB: A Novel Constant Intensity Color Space URAI 2009
  • Period: 2004/09 - 2004/12
  • Award: "Best Presentation Award" @ 2004 SNU Bachelor Thesis Workshop
LAPLACE: A Fan-type Mobile Robot
  • LAPLACE is a mobile robot driven by two fans, not wheels. It is an underactuated nonlinear system (similar dynamics with a ship) and aims for a research and educational platform.
  • Period: 2004/02 - 2004/12
  • Co-workers: Heeyeon Nam and Prof. Hyungbo Shim
NetDisk: An Embedded FTP Server
  • NetDisk is a stand-alone FTP server using an ARM7TDMI board and conventional HDD. It was proposed to substitute a PC-based FTP server which consumes much energy and occupies big space.
  • Period: 2003/11 - 2003/12
  • Co-worker: Jeongki Son
SLaM: Air Hockey on Network
  • SLaM is an online air hockey game using Java, Swing, and AWT. It simulates kinematics of air hockey and supports two remote players through the Internet.
  • Period: 2003/09 - 2003/10
3335AT: A Micro Robot
  • 3335AT is a small-size robot which can explore an unknown 16x16 maze (a.k.a. micromouse). It is equipped with Intel 80C196KC microcontroller, six sets of IR sensor, and two stepping motors.
  • Period: 2001/03 - 2006/10