Do you want to earn 1k or 5k or 10k or more every month without having to work extra hours?

(Please spend the next 15 minutes to go thru all the materials. Am not a marketing guy or a sales expert, but I will try to explain the system as simple and open as possible.)

What you about to learn will enable you to earn passive income.

Passive income is me doing nothing and yet still earn money...

Passive income allow me to keep my job/business and still earn me money...

Passive income allow me to earn money without me spending any time on it...

And you can spend more time to do what you loves to do.

If there is a "Wealth Winning System" which have below advantages, would you want it?

Totally hands free...
No product to buy...
No product to sell...
No product to stock up...
No training required...
No trading experiences required...
No monthly subscription to maintain...
No monthly points to maintain...
Professional Forex Trader trades for you...
Trades are executed automatically...
1k USD to start (minimum)...
One time investment to start...
No lock in period...
No maturity timeline...
Capital can be increase at anytime...
Capital can be withdraw at anytime...
Easy to start up...
Easy to share...
No presentation to attend...
No sale pitch to customers...
No need to find new customers...
Profitable trading system...
Rebates from every trades...
Long term self-sustainable system...
Totally online internet system...
No need to install software...
Trades run automatically on remote VPS...
No need to switch 'on' computer 24/7...
No need to look at technical charts...
No need to follow financial news...
No need to read currency prices...

Do nothing and get passive income monthly...

Recurring passive income weekly...

Autopilot automated passive income daily...

Do you know that Forex is the world biggest financial market and is being traded 24 hours 6 days a week.

Hundreds of billions Forex dollars are being traded daily and millions of commissioned are earned daily as well.

All stock market combined are not even a fraction of the Forex market and this is how big it is.

Major banks and financial institution are already profiting from Forex Market for many years.

Trading account will be installed on MT4 platform at remote VPS which will be managed by the professional Forex traders.

The trades are executed automatically in your Trading account so it does not required you to monitor the Forex market.

This system runs on autopilot!

Trades profits from the Forex market and every trading lot rebates are automatically allocated by the broker system.

Earning trading rebates from Introducing Broker have been around for many years and many international Forex broker are using this.

This trading rebates earning comes from a portion of the Bid-Ask spread commission from the Forex broker. And this commission will be profit share to broker, marketing company, you and network overrides.

A complicated computer algorithm called Superman Expert Advisor (EA) using MT4 trading platform is used to executed hedging strategy on various Forex currency to achieve consistent profit.

1) This Forex trading has a capital stoploss at 7 to 8% per day (Protect 92% to 93% of your capital daily).

2) Enforced stop trading capital stoploss for 4 consecutive day losses at 30%
(Protect 70% of your capital over 4 trading days).

Your invested capital is double protected!

a) Every month end your profit will be transfer to your member's account. This is a separate account from your trading account. (Protect 100% of your trading profit)

b) Every week end your trading rebates and network overrides is transfer to your member's account. (Protect 100% your rebates and overrides earnings)

Your earning is double protected as well!

The Forex trading profit will be shared 30% with the professional trader and you will keep 70% of the profit.

A monthly VPS fees for every $2/unit (Max at $40). For a 1k account is 3 units at $6 (0.6%). $7k and above will be flat rate $40

The earnings are REAL !

See the founder Mr Hermes Leong in action doing a presentation to a group of in
terested investors.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

This business is legitimate !

Here is my earning directly from my emails (captured via iPhone). These email comes every day to inform you the trading results.

The above is from only $1k USD capital account.

This is daily results!

If $5k USD then multiply the result by x5 ($25 and $95).

If $10k USD then multiply the result by x10 ($50 and $190).

If $50k USD then mutliply the result by x50 ($250 and $950).

(Results are round down to $5 and $19 for easy calculation.)

The above is a 10k account on the same 2 trading day.

Trading lot size will increase according to your capital.

Every 1k is 0.03 lot, 5k is 0.15 lot and 10k is 0.3 lot size.

Some trading days we loss money.
But most of the trading days we earn money.

Example: You total executed 10 trades, you loss 4 trade but profit 6 win trades. In the end, you still earn 2 win trade.

There is no 100% winning system, but in total there have to be more profit trades then loss trades to get consistent profitable results.

Members sharing session with groups of interested investors.

Below is the CASHFLOW Quadrant for Employee, Self-employed, Business owner and Investor from Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad

Which quadrant you want to be?

If you (like me who is lazy) wants to be an Investor (Money works for you).
This system can help you achieve it at the shortest possible time.


There are 3 income streams to earn from this system


1) Trading profit in your trading account which are executed automatically by professional traders. (You don't have to do anything) You will receive emails daily for these results. (30% profit goes to professional traders and 70% you will keep every month.) Every month end the profit will be transfer to your member account.

Monthly gain of 4% to 12% of your capital invested
or Yearly gain of 48% to 144% of your capital invested.

2) Rebates from Broker on every lot traded which is automated allocated by the broker system. (You don't have to do anything. All trading rebates goes to you). This is available in the member login account. Every week end the rebates will be transfer to your member account.

Rebates at $2/lot. 
According to your account trading volume
Monthly gain of 1% to 2% accordingly to your capital
or Yearly gain of 12% to 24% accordingly to your capital.

3) Earn network overrides from your down line which is allocated by the referrer system. (Optional if you like to share around to get friends in). This is available in the member login account. (All network overrides belong to you). Every week end the network overrides will be transfer to your member account.

Level 1 network overrides at $3/lot
Level 2 network overrides at $1/lot
Level 3 network overrides at $1/lot
Level 4 network overrides at $0.5/lot
Level 5 network overrides at $0.5/lot 
According to total down line invested capital.

If total for level 1 is 10 times your trading capital,
Monthly gain 15% to 30%

or Yearly gain 180% to 360%.

If total for level 2 is 100 times your trading capital,
Monthly gain 50% to 100%
or Yearly gain 600% to 1200%.

and so on and so on for level 3 to 5...

Above is monthly gains.
Yearly is 252% to 504% (everyone bring in 2 members)
and 4392% to 8784% (everyone bring in 4 members)

and it gets bigger when more members join...


You can view your trading profit, trades rebates and network overrides in the members account (under report tab) and withdraw your money (in the e-wallet tab)

TT inwards to your bank will take 3 to 5 working days. 

Please ensure you fill in the correct bank details at your member page and transfer TT to your trading account using the same bank details.

You will receive letter and email for your withdrawal.

Below a comparison table for the various form of investment yield if you re-invest what you earn yearly into your capital total.

Your existing saving or investment is how many percent return?

A 50% return annually makes a lot of difference in 20 years time!

$30k vs $2.2millions in 20 years!
(See the above table again!)

Since this is passive income, you don't have to quit your job...

Since this is passive income, you don't have to stop your business...

Since this is passive income, you don't have to stop what you are doing...

Since this is passive income, you don't have to do anything...

What other choices?

If you have $100k and intend to invest in business/franchise/retail shop/cafe, you will get below list of problems to handle...

Return On Investment (ROI) after 2 years...
Required to employ staff and retain staff...
Full/part time management on site...
Increasing operation cost due to salary and goods...
Need inventory and stock checking...
Subjected to rental increases...
Affected by economic downturn...
Need extensive marketing to get customers...
Need to maintain good cash flow...
Hard to sell if not profitable...

If you have $10k and intend to invest in stocks/unit trust/gold/reits, you will need to spend time to make it work...

Research on it extensively...
ROI after 2 years provided price gain 4 to 5% monthly...
ROI after 20 years provided dividend 4 to 5% yearly...
Profit when the market or price increases...
Loss when the market or price decreases...
Commission loss on every buy & sell transaction...
Need to monitor continuously...
Affected by economic downturn...

If you have $1k and you just saved it in a bank, you will get this...

1 to 3% interest yearly (over 12 months)...
or 0.08 to 0.24% monthly...

Bad news!

Inflation for the past few years is 3% to 5% annually...
You need investment vehicle that can earn more then 6% else your money will just keep getting smaller and smaller every year.

Good news for everyone!

This recurring automated passive income system is better because

Profits when market increase or decreases...
Automated daily earnings...
Full liquidity at any time (because it is currency)...
No problem to manage (No staff, No inventory, No rental, etc)...
No need to monitor Forex market (Professional trader does it for you)...
Double capital protection...
Double earning protection...
You don't need to spend any time on it...

Monthly returns 4%+++
(Which is equal to yearly returns 48%+++)

You only need to invest 1k and stand to gain a lifetime of automated recurring passive income...

One time setup process and it goes autopilot...

All submission are private and confidential.

Step 1

Provide your personal details below.
(email to or your referral/sponsor email).

1. Name: (full name as in NRIC or passport)

2. NRIC or Passport Number:

3. Email Address: (you will receive updates send to this email)

4. Password: (Default DOB ddmmyyyy. Please change after you login)

5. Address: (Full address including postal code)

6. Country:

7. Hand phone Number: (broker may call you to verify details on this number)

8. Date of Birth:

9. Gender:

Step 2

Me or sponsor/referral will login to your account and register you with above provided details at the back office "Register" tab.

Note: Sponsor/referral, please do remember to indicating your sponsor code (member ID) in the referral ID box and choose account type Superman EA.

You will receive 2 emails.

a) Account confirmation email. (You have to click the link to verify your email address to confirm the account. And will send you the next email)

b) New MT4  account and password (You can ignore this as the automated trading will change the password once it is linked up Superman EA. But remember the MT4 account number for your LPOA later)

Step 3

After 1 to 3 days your back office account will be created and your will receive email informing of your new back office account. Please login to:

a) Update your personal and bank details
and change password at profile tab

b) Click on the Sign LPOA and choose "New Member"

Sign and saved this LPOA form (to be submitted later in back office).

c) Proceed to back office to request for a funding under "MT4 Funding/Topup Issue" and enter the amount you wish to fund.

In the remark box, enter "Invoice for TT purpose. My Email is"

For online TT and Singapore Bank over the counter TT, please use your ID (13xxxxx) as invoice number. And write in the remarks "For payment of Invoice No 13xxxxxx"

(For banks in Malaysia and any other country, that required a physical invoice, please email to with your name, ID and amount to TT in USD. They will send you an invoice within 1 to 3 days)

2 ways to transfer your fund below:

c.1) Proceed to perform TT and save a copy of the TT transaction details

Company Name: Union Market Limited

Company Address: Flat/RM A 7/F Win Tack Building,
274-278 Shau Kei Wan Road, Hong Kong

Bank Name: BEA Bank (Hong Kong)

Bank Address: G/F Hanley House, Nos 776-778 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Bank Account No: 2526-8001-964

Swift Code: BEASHKHH

And tick bank charges to applicant (you)

And tick bank agent charges to applicant (you)

Input in remarks: For Payment of Invoice no. 13xxxxxx

(Below a copy of Bank TT over the counter. Please keep your TT form.)

c.2) Alternatively you can fund via ATM / online internet banking transfer to below Authorized Representative / Remittance House:
(No TT charges if you fund by this way.)


Trustworthy Services

DBS Account: 002-9035-728
(DBS autosave current)

UOB Account: 330-302-1939

OCBC Account: 553-777954-001


Fzm Trading Sdn Bhd

Public Bank #3980-0243-25


PT Niaga Lestari Remittance

Account: 550-602-2124

Bank Name: Panin Bank

(Please save a copy of your online banking receipt and keep your ATM receipt which you need to upload later.)

For exchange rates please refer to FXUM

(example of phone banking transfer)

Step 4

Submit your NRIC or passport (front and back) and proof of address (Bank Statement or power bills) and copy of the TT form / ATM receipt to your back office "form" tab.
(Minimum 300dpi scan or 8 megapixel camera photo.)

For uploading TT form and ATM receipt, please indicate your reference number, USD amount and SGD amount under the Remarks.

After 5 to 7 days your fund transfer will complete and it will trades automatically for you (You will receive daily trading results email). Your 1st and 2nd income streams will generate earnings for you on autopilot.

(optional step for people who loves to share)

Start sharing to built your networks...
If you can do gain passive income, so can others...
Good things are meant to share around...
Always the first to network and make contacts wins in the end...

Your 3rd income streams will grow as more people join you.

If you don't like to share, you still can gain 2 streams of income.

Want to earn more?

You can always increase your capital (multiples of 1k) anytime by TT (+$10 admin charges instead) following the above step at the back office.

Take note: For Singapore TT, your first time will be +$40 and subsequent top up will be +$10. For Malaysia TT, your first time will be +$60 and subsequent top up will be +$30. Recommended to transfer from Singapore or Malaysia instead of Hong Kong transfer.

Note: If you are already member and are referring friend, for step 2 please fill in your sponsor member code (member ID) as the referral ID.

Forex Broker
Union Markets Limited (FXUM) is a New Zealand brokerage entity and is registered with the Financial Service Provider (Reg FSP no. 257325). Plaza Level, Regus, 41 Shortland Street, Auckland, New Zealand.
Marketing Partner
Singliworld Pte Ltd founded in 2011
have businesses in travels, deals, bids, wellness products, etc. As an experienced regional marketing company, have partnered with FXUM to be South East Asia’s main marketing partner.

Trades Publisher
Myfxbook is an independent publisher of MT4 trading results. It is the first social community for Forex traders with the ability to connect with Forex trading account. It provides analytic, statistics and summary of important keys indices for Forex trading review.
Members Login
This is the member's back office where your carry out money withdrawal and income reports can be retrieve on the earnings from the 3 incomes streams.

Thank you


Question : What is passive income?
Passive income is income earned without you having to be actively earning it. This is different from working a 9 to 5 job or running your own shop selling clothes. Passive income allow you to have more free time to enjoy with your love ones.

Question : Is my money safe?
Your money is deposited into your own trading account. Similar to shares trading account if you trade stock before. The rebates earns will be under your member's account e-wallet.

Question : Can you guarantee success?
I cannot guarantee your success. Similar to buying stock, property, unit trust, land banking or any other investment vehicle. But the track records show consistent profit. Refer to above links for the live trading results. The more you share and get friends to open trading account, the faster you will increase your passive income as trading volume will grow with time. Consecutive every monthly will gain 4% on trading profits, 1% on trades rebates and 3% on network overrides (if you intro 2 friends in).

Question : Am from Hong Kong, can I join?
Yes. Follow the same registration process and fund the account.

Question : Why have to put you as sponsor/referral?
I am with a group of traders and supporting each other. Not a 1 man operation show. We provide support and assistance to all our traders (multilevel). We believe the returns is better then putting the money in the bank to earn interest.

Question : What is the difference with other network marketing?
There is no physical product to buy or sell, no monthly subscription fees or points to pay, no lock in period, no membership renewal, no need to trade in front of computer, no need to meet up and do presentation to sell, no deposit required, no need to attend any training. Simply refer this webpage, share with others, get those interested party to fill sign up.

Question : Do I need to meet up and do presentation?
Not necessary, as all information is available in this website. Any general enquires will be updated here for everyone to see.

Question : If it is profitable, why are the professional trader opening this autotrade to others?
This is to leverage on everybody's capital. The more trading volume, the more the pro trader earns (30% profit). Also limit their risk as if the trading lose money, its everybody's capital to loss money. But there is a watermark level which they have to earn to bring back everybody's capital before they can share the profit. It is a win-win situation for all party.

Question: I traded Forex before and why should I sign up with you?
To increase your investment basket and leverage on the rebates and networks overrides. You only have 1 stream of income by trading Forex yourself. With this you can earn other streams of income which does not required you to see chart or execute a trade. All its automatically traded for you. Looking at the live results from the myfxbook link, this can be another source of investment income to supplement your existing Forex trading profit. And definite more then bank interest rate.

Question : I already got a job, why do I need this?
This serve as a supplement income and a backup in case you lose your job. As this is passive income, so it does not take up your time. There is no golden rice bowl nowadays, its always good to rely on yourself with this passive income or any other passive income vehicle.

Question : I got 20k but I don't like to share.
You still can earn 2 income stream by automatic trading and earning rebates on your own trading account of 20k capital. And some more this is passive income for you once it is setup. Simply provide your details to your sponsor/referral to sign you up, fund the account and profit from this.

Question : I don't have 20k but have a good network of friends, colleagues, club members and customers.
You can start with minimum 1k first and earn from the third income stream which is network overrides. The more you share and more people will be aware and sign up to gain passive income. They earn and you also earn. Its a win-win situation for everyone. Furthermore this is money makes money. No physical product to buy and sell. No monthly subscription or points requirements to meet and totally hands free, all internet, passive income for everyone.

Question : Am not a face to face marketing person. How to share?
This is an investment first and sharing second. With your invested capital, you already start to earn 2 streams of incomes (Trading profits and trade rebates) when you start. Thus you don't have to share around. My aim of putting everything on the internet is to be open and easy sharing for every one. It's alright if you choose to invest and get 2 streams of incomes. You don't have to meet people to market or share. On the other hand, if you think you would like people to benefits this recurring passive income which you already benefits, you can just share with close friends, relatives, siblings and spouse.

Question : Do I need to file income tax?
No. These profit earning are capital gains from personal investment and are not taxable. Similar to earning derived from the buying and selling of shares. You do not need to report such gains in your income tax. More details can be found in

Broker and Marketing Company

Question : Is FXUM safe and Singli World safe?
Union Markets Limited (FXUM) is a premier multinational brokerage firm providing online trading solutions within the foreign exchange industry to clients ranging from retail traders to institutional clients. FXUM is authorised and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FSP) of New Zealand. Fully compliant with all regulations and work to maintain the highest standards. SingliWorld have businesses in travels, deals, forex, wellness products, etc. This forex system is 1 of the business group under Singliworld Pte Ltd. Kindly refer to their website for more information.

Question : Is this multi level marketing?
No. The service you are sharing is to intro people to open Forex trading account. When trades are executed in the trading account, you are paid by rebates from the Forex broker rebates and SingliWorld Network overrides. This is unlike convention selling where you have to go thru learning, workshop and training (which are taken care by the professional trader). So you get the quick and easy part of signing up and sharing with others.

Question : Can I use another Forex broker which I currently have?
Only FXUM. No other Forex broker. As Singliworld have partner with the broker to market in Asia.

Question : Who is Hermes Leong?
He is the founder SingliWorld and SingliForex is part of the company, which is partnered with FXUM for Forex trading.

Question : What is sponsor member code?
This is the code used to identify your friend who refer you to registered, so the system can capture you as his downline. In order to fill up the registration details, you will need the sponsor member code which is referral ID.

Question : I saw Singliworld got products on wellness?
Yes, this is one of the other business group under Singliworld. When you sign up for this wealth creation system, you will only access to this as a member. No one will refer you or ask you to promote other products or wellness plan.

Forex and Trading

Question : How to learn Forex trading?
This do not required you to know how to trade Forex. But if you are keen to learn all about Forex trading, you may refer to (free online Forex learning). The platform that the broker used is MT4. You dont have to install MT4 software on your computer as it will be install on VPS by the professional trader. But if you are keen to learn about MT4, you may refer to (MT4 and Expert Advisors)

Question : Is this like being a Forex trading agent?
You are a trader but let professional Forex trader to trade for you. You intro people to open trading account and earn rebates from their trades in their trading account.

Question : Is this the same as introducing broker (IB)?
Similar concept but rebates to you and SingliWorld, to provides 3 streams of income.
1) The profit from executing the currency trade in the Forex trading market. Buy low sell high or Sell high buy low. This profit will be split 30% trader and 70% for you. Transfer to your member account monthly.
2) The rebates you get from the broker from your executed trades in your trading account at $2/lot This will be 100% earn for you. Transfer to your member account daily.
3) The network overrides (rebates) for your downline referred account at $3/lot level1, $1/lot level 2 and 3, $0.5/lot at level 4 and 5. Transfer to your member account daily. This is SingliWorld rebates from the broker.

Question : Am new to forex, what I need to know?
Basically Forex is refering to buying and selling of currency in the currency financial market. Currency are traded with paired exchange rate like EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, etc Profit are earn when you buy low sell high or sell high buy low. The smallest unit is call pips and currency are traded in 1 lot size, 0.1 lot size or 0.01lot size in any incremental values. At the financial market there is a Bid-Ask price which is the sell price and buy price. The difference is call spread and are usually few pips for profit to the financial market exchange, broker and referral partners.
Example, EURUSD 1.4222/1.4226 means you sell at 1.4222 or buy at 1.4226 with a 4 pips spread. If you buy and price raise for EURUSD to 1.4235/1.4239 and you sell, you will make 9 pips profit (1.4235-1.4226).

Question : Is there contra in forex?
No contra in Forex. But there is leverage of 1:500 in Forex which means that you will need to hold 1/500 of the Forex lots you buy/sell. Example a 0.01 lot will be about $2. This is required in your capital to hold the lots until you sell/buy it away. At any one time the free margin have to be more then 250%. All monitoring will be handled by the professional trader.

Question : Do I need to trade Forex?
No trading knowledge or experiences required from you. Your trading account will be traded by professional trader. Check out if you want to know more about Forex market.

Question : Is the live trading result from reliable?
Myfxbook is a third party independent publication of trading results live from the trading account. No tampering on trades executed by the trader or broker as all results are published as it is live. Fully reliable publishing and transparent with summary and other details for your viewing. (

Question : What is expert advisor and MT4?
MT4 or Metatrader 4 is a trading platform use for trading. Expert Advisor or EA is a programming tools to automate trading strategy and it is part of MT4 platform. To prevent copy trades and mixing with manual trading, the MT4 platform will be loaded onto VPS and access by the professional traders only. Instead you will receive daily emails on trading results. If you want to manual trade, will need to open another MT4 trading account with forex broker.

Question : How do you read the chart?
The x scale will show timeline and the y scale will show the indices presented. The green daily bar above the horizontal straight line is profit for that day and green daily bar below the horizontal straight line is loss for that day. The red dotted line show the percentage gain in terms of capital.
The info tab will show the percentage gain daily, monthly, drawdown, balance, profit, deposit and withdrawn amount. Trading tab will show the percentage again this week, this month and this year. There is also advance statistic, trading activity and monthly analytics for you to explore further.

Question : What is drawdown?
Drawdown or max drawdown is the lowest or combines losses at any point of time for your trading account. It represent the potential losses you could have make. The smaller this value the better. Typically is less then 20% for any profitable trading account.

Question : What is profit factor?
This is an indication of total profit divide by total losses. The higher the better. Typical is more then 1.25 for any profitable trading account. As to all trading, some days will profit and some days will loss. Overall monthly calculated, all trading add up will be profitable.

Recurring Automated System

Question : What is my risk?
Your risk is the whole trading losses capital in your trading account. For capital protection, the system cap the losses to 30%. The system will stop loss at 7 to 8% per batch and 4 consecutive daily losses amounting to 30% will stop the trading. The possibilities of this is very low. And to loss all capital will take few months base on historical results from the live trading at Rebates paid out from the broker bid-spread via SingliWord network overrides are yours to keep.

Question : Is the earning sustainable for long term?
The profit is achieve using Forex trading which is similar to stocks.
The rebates paid out is from the broker bid-spread similar to stocks trading agent who earn commission on buy/sell your shares. As long there is trades executed in the trading account, the rebates will be paid.

Question : How you earn?
I earn by referring you and earning rebates from the broker and Singliworld network overrides on the trades executed in your account. Your profit in the account is yours to keep. You can refer and earn as well once your trading account is open.

Question : Trading account profit all mine?
There will be a 30% sharing of profit to the traders and 70% profit you will take. This is to reward the professional trader to trade for you. Only profit from your last water mark will be shared. Every month the 70% will be transfer to your member's account e-wallet.

Question : Do I need to switch on the computer every day?
Nope. It does not required to switch on the computer every day as your trading accounts are traded directly by the professional trader. Instead you will receive daily emails on the trading results.

Question : Can this be apply to oversea other then in Singapore
Yes. As the trading account can be opened any where, you don't have to be in Singapore. You either need to hold a NRIC or passport to register.

Question : Any other cost involves?
There is a monthly VPS cost which will be taken from your trading account profit. Depending on your money in your trading account it vary from USD $2 to $40 (max) monthly at $2/unit and 1k is 3 units. For example a $1k account will be about 3 units or $6 monthly VPS cost deducted form your profit.

Question : Is there a limit to my earning and profit?
No. There is no limit to your earning and profit. Only liabilities is the trading account losses. If you get back your ROI 100%, then there will be no other risk. But looking at the historical results the returns is better then bank saving (3% annually), dividend stocks (10% annually) and unit trust (15% annually).

Question : Where do the profit comes from?
Every currency traded will comes with a Bid-Ask spread.
Example EURUSD 1.2654/1.2657 the spread is 3 pips. So when the trade is executed, a 3 pips rebates will be earned and distributed to1 pips to broker TFXglobal, 1 pips to SingliWorld and 1 pips to network overrides (5 level). This is sustainable as every trade will comes with the spread rebates for all parties.

Question : How does the superman EA trades?
It trades in 1 or 2 batches daily, with 8 to 10 trades per batches. The trades are open with currency paired via indirect relationship, resulting in hedging the currency. Some currency will trend up and some currency will go opposite direction to trend down. The system captures the difference in the currency values within few hours to registered the profits. You will see some trades earn profit and loss, but overall will be profitable.

Question : How to start and earn 1k passive income monthly?

Conservatively, you can start with $20k fund at about average 7% return monthly after 30% profit take by professional trader, you will get about $1000 profit (passive income) from automated trading. More if the returns increases, excluding your own trading rebates and other levels earnings.
Alternatively you can get 40 friends with 1k fund each, the rebates for total 300+ lots at $3/lot, will also give you about $1k commission (passive income) from trading rebates at level 1, excluding your own trading rebates and other levels.

Question : How to start sharing?
Once your account is open and fund deposited. The trading will start automatically. Simply share with your friends, relatives, colleagues, spouse, ex-colleagues, customers, vendors, etc this URL and invite them to sign up as well.

Question : Can I start with minimum 1k then increase it to 5k later?
Yes. You can start with minimum 1k and then increase another 4k to total 5k capital, or to any amount round up to thousand. Prefer level will be 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k and 100k.

Question : What is the 5 level commission structure?
According to the level from 1 to 5, you will receive rebates commission for $3/lot to $0.5/lot. This will apply to trades executed in the downline account whom your refer and sponsor. This is excluding the $2/lot rebate you will have for your own trading account and the $0.5/lot to $4/lot rebates introducing broker bonus.
For simple illustration, typical for a 1k account will get about $10 rebate monthly under your own trading account which is all yours.
If you got 5 account under you directly at level 1 with 1k each, will be additional $60 rebate monthly.
If each level 1 account got 5 level 2 account, with 25 account at level 2 with 1k each, will be additional $150 rebate monthly.
The more you share the more you and your friends benefit from this.
Do not worry about this calculation cause in the member area you can retrieve report will details about this for your viewing.

Question : Who manages the Superman EA?
Superman EA is managed by a group of full time 10 years experiences trading. They are professional traders specialized in Forex trading. You can see the above myfxbook results link for their track record performances and history.

Question : What is watermark?
Watermark is the highest level where your last capital is. Any losses and profit make from that last watermark level will not be profit shared. Only profit above that watermark level is profit shared 30% to trader.
Example, March you have 1k, April you have 1.5k (so 500 profit share 30% trader and 70% you), May you loss and go 1.3k and June you profit back to 1.5k (no profit sharing of $200 as have not reach your highest watermark level). July up to 1.8k (so profit 300 share between trader and you.

Question : Can this autotrade sustain profitability in the long run?
Since the trades are executed to hedge the Forex market and are closed within 1 or 2 hours at a certain expected time frame. Profit are expected most of the time. As more account are open, the total volume trading will increases but will not affected the big Forex market which is hundred of trillions dollars which is balance by the market supply and return. In order to move the market according to your direction you need at least few trillions of dollars to do that which is about GDP of a few country. As the Forex Market is so big and floating market by itself, no ones really knows who exactly is losing all the money to us. It could be company who is transferring 5 millions funds from USD to EUR and losses commission to the Forex market, or some fund manager looking at diversify its fund into currency buy $10 millions GBP using USD and losses commission to the Forex market.

Question : Can I see the trades on my MT4 platform?
You cannot see the trades as this is to prevent copy trade. Once your account created, the professional trader will change the password access, install the MT4 at Virtual Private Server (VPS) and setup the system on your trading account in the VPS. Instead you will receive emails daily on the trades executed in your trading account under your name. Thus you do not have to install MT4 platform on your computer and also do not need to leave your computer switch on 24 hours.

Question : What is Virtual Private Server (VPS)?
A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine runs in remote server with Internet connection service. The VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and professional traders have all-level access to that operating system (OS) instance, so they can install MT4 software and let it runs on that OS in the VPS 24/7.

Members and Registration

Question : How to withdraw money?
It will be handled by SingliWorld backend office via member login. Transfer to your bank account from member's account e-wallet.

Question : Can fund the trading account using credit card?
Only bank telegraphic transfer (TT) accepted. You can perform TT at a bank or online internet banking TT.

Question : What other documents is required?
You will need to scan a copy of the bank TT form, IC front and back and proof of address (Bank statement or power bills). The address and name have to be same as in the registration details you send to your sponsor/referral. The bank account used to perform the TT have to be your personal account and same account used for withdrawn of money at e-wallet. This is due to anti-money laundering policy.

Question : How to register?

Follow the steps above and provide your details to your sponsor/referral. He/she will register for you. Once you verify your email address, you will receive back office details for you to login and update NRIC, proof of address and TT form.

Question : How to fill up the Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA)?

Once you able to login to your back office, just click on the Submit LPOA tab. Remember to save the LPOA for later submission to form.

Question : What if I fill the registration details wrongly?
Your will have to email to to inform to correct the mistake.

Question : I receive my MT4 account opening email, what to do next?
Kindly ignore this email as the password will be used by the professional trader and they will change it once link up with the automated trading.

Question : What is LPOA?
This is Limited Power of Attorney which allow the trader to trade on behalf and withdraw the 30% profit sharing and 70% your profit into your member's account. All rebates and earning can be view under the member login area. Refer to link above to login for members.

Question : How to perform bank telegraphic transfer (TT)?
Go to bank and request for a TT form. You can do online internet banking TT also.

Question : Why is there a need to add $40 into the fund transfer?
This is a one time payment for admin fees for your registration. You only need to pay once. For subsequent increase of capital you only need to add a
$10 admin fee. For Malaysia bank address first TT is + $60 and sebsequent increase capital TT is +$30. To avoid having less invested capital, please remember to charges (tick) the both banks agent to yourself (applicant). Kindly refer to the TT charges chart at the end of the website for more information.

Question : How to stop?
You can stop the trading by informing any time.

Any question kindly contact me
via email at

Or get in touch with your friend (who is your sponsor member) who refer you this.

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