Sung-Ha Hwang

Assistant Professor
School of Economics
Sogang University
Seoul, Korea
Email: (at)
          sunghah (at) 

I have been studying economics and mathematics (CVResearch Statement). I finished a Ph. D in economics May 2009 (Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Conflict and Cooperation) and a Ph.D. in mathematics Sept 2011 (Dissertation Title: Spatial Evolutionary Game Thoery: Deterministic Approximations, Decompositions, and Hierarchical Multi-scale Models).

My research interest in economics lies in public economics, behavioral economics, and evolutionary game theory. Specifically I have been working on the following topics: conflict theory, social preferences, optimal incentives for cooperation in public goods problems, and stochastic evolutionary game theory. My research area in mathematics includes probability theory and stochastic processes.


Publications & Forthcoming

Working Papers 

Conference Presentations and Participation

  • Santa Fe Institute (Jul 2013, 2-11 Jul 2012, 26-31 Jul 2009, 14-28 Jul 2007), hosted by Samuel Bowles


  • University of Sydney (2012F), University of New South Wales (2012F), Hallym University (2012S), Korea Universit (2011F), University of Massachusetts (2011S).
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