Sung-Ha Hwang

Associate Professor of Economics
College of Business
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Seoul, Korea
Email: (at)
          sungha (at)

I finished a Ph. D in economics May 2009 (Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Conflict and Cooperation) and a Ph.D. in mathematics Sept 2011 (Dissertation Title: Spatial Evolutionary Game Thoery: Deterministic Approximations, Decompositions, and Hierarchical Multi-scale Models).

My research interest in economics lies in public economics, behavioral economics, and evolutionary game theory. Specifically I have been working on the following topics: conflict theory, social preferences, optimal incentives for cooperation in public goods problems, and stochastic evolutionary game theory. My research area in mathematics includes probability theory and stochastic processes.


Publications & Forthcoming

Working Papers 

Conference Presentations 

  • Santa Fe Institute (July, 2015, July, 2014, Jul 2013, 2-11 Jul 2012, 26-31 Jul 2009, 14-28 Jul 2007)


  • HKUST (2015 F), UMASS (2014F), Sungkyunkwan Univ (2014S), Seoul National Univ.(2012F), UINST (2012 F), University of Sydney (2012F), University of New South Wales (2012F), Hallym University (2012S), Korea Universit (2011F), University of Massachusetts (2011S).
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