Sungenis Privately Admits He Believes Bishop Rhoades Not Teaching Heresy

...But He Continues to Publicly Slander His Excellency Regardless...

On 2 September 2011, Bob Sungenis wrote a personal email to David Palm. In it, Bob admitted that he no longer believes Bishop Rhoades is an “anti-supersessionist” (Bob’s term for a dual covenant proponent).   Instead, he believes another individual at the Diocese of Harrisburg is the “evil man” who was "the mastermind behind this whole thing.”  In this email, Bob also indicated that he intended to make a conciliatory gesture toward His Excellency.  Bob wrote:

I wasn’t quite sure whether it was Rhoades [sic] or [name deleted] who was the mastermind behind this whole thing. My suspicion now is that it was [name deleted], not Bishop Rhoades.

I’ve heard from someone very close to the Harrisburg diocese, who grew up with [name deleted], that he is “an evil man.” Those were his exact words. . . . Perhaps now that Rhoades [sic] is away from [name deleted], he may be more open to talk about these events and I would be more than willing to do so to clear up the issue. In fact, I think I am going to write Rhoades [sic] a letter and make some conciliatory gesture toward him based on how [name deleted] handled this whole thing. My present interpretation is that it is [name deleted] who is the real anti-supersessionist, not Bishop Rhoades. And if I am right, I will certainly apologize to Bishop Rhoades. But I need to know the truth, and that can only come from Bishop Rhoades.

We held on to this information in order to give Bob ample opportunity to finally do the right thing – retract and apologize for his false and slanderous charges against Bishop Rhoades.  Unfortunately, a few months later, Bob chose instead to resume publicly slandering Bishop Rhoades by re-posting the original article in which he first made these false and slanderous charges (Old Covenant:  Revoked or Not Revoked?).  He has even posted a new article that repeats them (Guns and Bibles: A Response to American Spectator Author Jeffrey Lord – posted 4 Jan 2012).

In March of 2012, six months after Bob’s email to David Palm, David finally confronted Bob with this information at the Catholic Answers Forums (here) after Bob again publicly questioned Bishop Rhoades’ orthodoxy and told a falsehood about what Bishop Rhoades did in denying an imprimatur to one of Bob’s books (CASB II).  In addition to recounting Bob's admission about Bishop Rhoades, David pointed out that Bob had obviously never contacted Bishop Rhoades personally.  Unfortunately, instead of owning up to his own indefensible behavior, he attacked David’s character for publicly defending Bishop Rhoades with this information because he had asked David to keep his email “private”.  Bob wrote:

This goes right to your character, Mr. Palm. I believe when I wrote that email to you it said that it was private between us and not to be disseminated in public. Obvioiulsy [sic], you can't be trusted…

David’s response was right on target:

Unfortunately, what can’t be trusted is your memory, Bob. Here’s what I wrote to you before you sent me the email about Bishop Rhoades:


D. Palm: "P.S. Please note that while I have no intention of publicizing this discussion, based on past experience I have to keep that option open in case it becomes necessary to defend myself or others. Also, per your request I did forward your note to Michael Forrest."


So according to your standards of "character" it's no problem that you continue to publicly slander Bishop Rhoades as a dual covenant proponent “peddling” the dual covenant “heresy” to “unsuspecting Catholics”, while failing to bring one bit of evidence to back up your charge and while privately admitting that you don’t believe it’s true anymore. The real problem is that I defended Bishop Rhoades by exposing that fact, even though I told you straight up front that I kept that option open. I just don't know what to say to this sort of thing anymore. I don't understand the moral compass that's behind this sort of behavior.


Bob, you were right years ago when you recognized in Bishop Rhoades the "[shepherd] that God has placed as [overseer] of my life ". Your descent into the fever swamps of conspiracy theories and your scandalous attacks on Bishop Rhoades do nothing but harm you and the Body of Christ. Listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd, that came to you through the voice of the earthly shepherd that God placed over you, your bishop. For the sake of those you lead astray and for the sake of your own soul, Bob, leave this garbage behind and return to the good work you did when you first returned to the Church. (Post #93 at the CAF)


Indeed.  Perhaps not surprisingly, it was at this juncture that Bob abruptly left the discussion at the Catholic Answers Forums.