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I put together this little humble abode to house the fanfiction I have written over the years. My 'scribbles' are something I have greatly enjoyed scratching out and I hope you enjoy reading them. They are broken into several categories: HP, WWE, BtVS, Buffy/Harry Potter, Buffy/WWE, and Buffy/Highlander.

I have written mostly Willow, Lita, Ginny, and Dawn centered fic, with a smattering of Stephanie and Stacy for good measure. I am currently most active with Dawn/Draco and Ginny/Draco, so those will probably see the most updates. Speaking of Updates, whenever I add to a story or put up a new one, I will list it on the bottom of this page. 

I will be posting updates regarding my progress, what I'm working on, and how far along I am on my unfinished work at my livejournal here:  http://sunfirex.livejournal.com/ 

In the meantime, read and enjoy, I just ask that you please pay attention to ratings as you explore. There are stories of all different ratings on this site. The rating for each story is listed beside the pairing, under each title, or under the series title if it applies to the entire series.

The Rating System is as follows:

Green - Go ahead and read; some bad language or mild violence but nothing too bad.
Yellow - Slow down and think if you get offended or uncomfortable; foul language, violence and/or mild sexual encounters.
Red - Stop if you're under legal age; NOT appropriate for minors or those who have a problem with graphic violence or sex in their reading material. 

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments about this site or any stories archived here via my email:  sunfirescribbles@gmail.com  

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**General Disclaimer** No character or background plot belongs to me; Joss Whedon, JK Rowling, NYSE: WWE, and Davis-Panzer have that honor, I'm just playing with their toys for a bit. No copyright infringement is intended. Any lyrics used also belong to their respective singers/songwriters. I'm not making any money off these stories, so please don't sue, unless you'd like a few of my student loan debts, as that's all I have.