Paddling Code of Conduct

The SunDragons ask that all paddlers follow the Paddler Code of Conduct:
  • There is ZERO TOLERANCE of the use of tobacco, alcohol, or recreational drugs by any crew member, on or off the boat.
  • Use of profanity, obscene or offensive sexual gestures, derogatory or discriminatory comments directed toward others are prohibited.
  • Public displays of affection by crew members in romantic relationships are not allowed during team events such as practices, team meetings, races, etc.
  • Crew members are expected to be on time for club events, such as practices, team meetings, races, etc.
  • Crew members must honor and respect their teammates, coaches, and chaperones.
Any concerns that crew members have are to be discussed with any member of the coaching staff in private, before or after practice, and NOT on the boat with other crew members. If necessary, a meeting between the coaching staff, crew member, and parents can be scheduled to discuss the issues of concern. This meeting will not take place during a competition, as all decisions during a competition will be made solely by the coaching staff. Failure by a crew member to adhere to this code of conduct could result in removal of the crew member from the team, suspension of the crew member from the team for a period of time, or benching of the crew member during a practice or competition.

A heron flies overhead during an evening practice in April.