Practice will be cancelled in case of:
  • Lightning: It is too dangerous to be out on the water during electrical storms. If thunder begins while we are out on the water, we will return to the dock. 
  • Sewage: If there is a sewage warning in place for the Willamette, we will not hold practice. 
  • Debris: Large amounts of debris make paddling unsafe, therefore practice will not be held under these conditions. 
  • Water Velocity: Due to difficulties in steering when the water velocity is high, practice will be cancelled in event of extreme water speeds. Information on water speed can be found at
  • Algae Blooms: Practice will be cancelled in event of a toxic algae bloom in the Willamette. 
  • Numbers: If there are less than eight paddlers, a steersman, and a caller at any given practice, the team cannot go out. 
  • The Day After a Race: In event of a Saturday race, there will usually be no practice the following Sunday.
For more information on cancellations or water conditions, please visit