Sun Devil Handball - Arizona State University!

If you’re new to Handball and want to see what all the fuss is about, check out this MTV video (5 minutes):


More great handball videos:

Here is a 9 minute video on NBA basketball star Blake Griffin using handball to improve his hand-eye coordination and agility.  Blake plays a version of the game known as "One Wall Big Ball".

2015 Collegiate Championships - Men's (82 minutes):

USHA Nationals Men's Finals – watch two legendary champions square off using very different styles (60 minutes):

USHA Nationals Women's Finals – a great match that is forced to a tiebreaker (92 minutes)


Percentage Handball - this video is over 30 years old but has great examples of the fundamentals necessary to play winning handball.  It's worth reviewing every year or two!

Coach Dan Willeford,