Site Objective

The aim of this site is to provide a focus for those interested in discussing and solving the teasers published weekly in the UK Sunday Times without the use of electronic aids (i.e. using 'pencil, paper and brain').

PuzzlingInPython is an alternative web site for those interested in programmed solutions using the Python programming language.

I usually publish the teasers on this site on or before 08:00 AM (UK local time) on the day that they appear in the paper version of the Sunday Times (but there are no guarantees).

The text provided here for teasers is a rewritten version of that published in the Sunday Times.  On occasions, however, the description here will also be different because it has been found that the published version contains errors or ambiguities.

If you wish to comment here you will need to have a Google account and also be a member of this Google group: 

If you join this group, you will then be able to post comments and edit web pages whenever you are logged in to your Google account (however I would be grateful if group members could restrict their input to comments only).

Since the aim of this site is to act as a focus for the discussion of Sunday Times teasers and their solutions, those who do not want to see answers should avoid reading any comments made in response to the teaser pages published here.  

But, since one of the aims of this site is to document both solution methods and actual solutions, those who comment do not need to avoid giving solutions in their comments.

However, in order to avoid spoiling the enjoyment of others, it would be helpful if comments containing the actual solution could be avoided for the first few hours after publication.

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