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A simply way to relay information and thoughts regarding our conversations, the emerging church, and a growing Intentional Christian community.

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Hi... this is Nate, and I have put together this site in an effort to help relay information to everyone in a more creative way than email. 

For those who are just visiting, let me introduce us all. For the most part, we are a group that is exploring what it means to be a committed community who's desire it is to become more like Christ in the city of Bend, OR. 

We each bring very different stories and different personalities to the table as we meet to worship together. It is our hope to figure out as a group, church, community, or whatever you want to call it, how we can creatively worship in ways that are very true to who we are as individuals and as people of Bend, OR. 

Currently we meet at 5:30 pm for dinner (it's provided, just bring yourself!!) and discussion. We are meeting at First Pres church (230 NE 9th St). And Yes, Children are more than welcome!! We would love to involve them in our gatherings. Again, email Nate for info.

Check what's going on this week, though, as things may be happening a little differently.