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 In the Last Days

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This is that . . .    May 6, 2006
If you look in the KJV Acts Chapter 2,
      near the introduction to Peter's Sermon,

He interprets the experience by saying,  "This is that . . ."   

There is no greek word for "that"

the NIV will say this is what was spoken

I like the KJV in this case "this is that" 

all of us ought to be able to interpret the experiences of God's people gathered together when the Holy Ghost moves among us 

this is gonna be that  

What is that?  

In the wilderness. the Hebrew word for 

Manna means what is it? what is that?  

It's vision 

That's a screen that was donated some years ago taking up room in the hallway 

a vision of a screen this size that can come down  

over here, a screen on a diagonal that side  

do we have to have it? no 

if you wanted to project something on the screen there is no screen or the wall today  

there is no image on the wall today  

cause we got a new pastor

and he said take it down  

why? I didnt want to rely on it anymore  

it's easier to say We dont have it  

sometimes you have to take something down, pull something down, break the bridge  cast some wood into the fire if you dont wanna go back anymore, if you wanna go forward 

there's a need at times for new wine skin  

Luke 1:  

Message to Deliver  

verse 26

In the 6th month

Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galiliee  

Ben, Hannah  

Last week we were in the 5th month  


visitor impregnated with hope 

pregnancy was a good thing  

why is ben up there  

I know that elizabeth  

says nothing about benita 

all 3 of these people are THAT

ben, hannah, benita 

this is that  

in the 6th month God was doing something with an angel  

angel made an appearance in Daniel  

but what is the basic meaning of "angel" messenger

God has a message he wants to send

God sends a messenger  

May 30 Ben to Alaska 2 1/2   or 3 months

message is all important

Hanna: God in the 6th month dispatches  

June 22nd  

Hong Kong, Singapore and India  

Who wants to go to India? 

I saw a movie about India  

My question was would I ever want to go to India?

Now I get to go 

now I get to go because Hannah's going  

please dont get the gossip going or say Hannah is pregnant  

that which is not seen

that which is conceived within her 

we dont yet see  

we fix our eyes. 

the hope of the glory  

do you ever get too old to go on a mission trip  

55 Australia and New Zealand with the Continental Singers  

THis is That  

there's not even a word for it  

This is _________   a perfect passive participle


Apostle Peter 

in LUKE  

Message to Deliver 

Gabriel to Nazareth

to a virgin

Joseph a descendent of David

greetings you who are highly favored

the Lord is with you

God's already in India

there's somebody in India who's seeking God

she's goofy

she's kinda goofy

God can energize us just the way we are

Alaska who might be seeking God more than Ben is

serious about the "call of God"

God will you just do something

if Hannah's goofy, what's Ben?

Ben's Ben?

WHat is that? That is this

your sons and your daughters shall prophecy

you can be part of the sending today

it's important

as important as the yellow sheet to be a voting member

get's behind that which we Know God

the angel said Don't be afraid

Benita, Dont be afraid

Ben, God's word coming

if you are a messenger from God have this message

Dont be afraid

this is God's word

regardless of what things look like God is with you

But that's what changes people's lives, God's word

messenger to a fearful people

Mary, you have found favor with God ...

called the Son of the Most High

throne of his father David

his kingdom will never end

since I am a virgin

I like that movie the Nativity

plays the part of Mary does a good job

you might think you're something

get a little puffed up

receiving end of God's message

you are going to conceive and deliver Good News

Who am I?

God gives grace to the humble

How will this be since I am a virgin?

common sense question

God so loved the world that ...

God became flesh and dwelt among us ...

long before he was tempted

the murderer,

mary asks , who am I ? how will this be

hope of the unseen glory ahead

the angel

the holy spirit will come upon you

consider yourself as the messenger

dispatched by God

you are to be ambassadors


on angelic visitation

Seek God

even a message from your Sunday School class


song that comes from God's word

Friend of God

the reason brandon sang that

that's how Acts begins

Theopholus means Friend of God

Acts is a letter to any Friend of God


I am the Friend of God

can you say, I am the friend of God?

then say it with me

I am the friend of God 2x

this letter's written to me

the angel answered

power of the most high (singing)

the power

when you waited in Jerusalem


this is that

that power that was going to come upon Mary

power of the Holy Spirit

pneumatic dunamis

to energize our witness

Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, ends of the Earth

dont be afraid

live it

deliver it

Lo I am with you always

I am your friend

then pass that message

that's your testimony


share your life with them

to enerize u

like dynamite

50 days ago


fade away

I dont wanna fade away

Satan is scared to death

Glory, Glory Hallelujah (singing)

he reigns

I can hear the sound of Tom's voice

Satan is scared to death

is that true?

is satan scared to death?

because he's trying

experiencing in his eart

friday night crowd

do you believe that?  

I heard that at church

I never heard that before

what's he gonna do next?

did the message get delivered

and the power of the MOst High will overshadow you

son of God

elizabeth in her old age

said to be barren

who said it and why?

who is she/ elizabeth

just an old lady  

nobody likes to hear that term ... old lady


my wife has pointed that out to me

even Elizabeth ... and she's an old lady

who's said to be barren is in her 6th month ...

how big is Bell Road Baptist church

is she a barren old lady ?  

this is a message

I walk around with God's word

I try to apply it to my life

is there any area

where I should have reproduced by now


sometimes we hear this identity

we're jsut a bunch of old, barren, crusty, useless, worthless, institutionalized, homely, overweight Christian

the accuser of the breathren

nearly dead

newly wed

nursing home

this is good news for old folks

your relative

over 60 wanna get pregnant?

she wanted it still, I think ...

who wants to serve the Lord working with 5th and 6th graders

a ministry that you never thought you'd have at this stage

Benita's 55

and I'm glad to be alive

looking ahead

not looking back on the past as the Glory days

This is That

that which we've been hoping for

accusation,m trouble

bad press

might very well be that

nothing is impossible with God

do not be afraid

comes right from God's word

Satan is scared to death

Tom's word


if you ask JC to be your savior

energize you to be a witness

the very kind of thing I'm doing

stepping out by faith on the mission field

I open my mouth He will give me what to say

with you all things are possible when you yield your fears, concerns, doubts

I love the 38th verse

I am the Lord's servant may it be to me as you have said

mission trip over

Gabriel ... makes his appearance in Daniel, Zechariah, Mary

at the foot of the cross...

I talked to a deacon yesterday

go get a newspaper

this is that

death too young

special report

Sacramento county

youth suicides

raising the call for more help

what can we do out in the community

somebody's crying for help

Union Gospel Mission

we went out to that county

out to Judea

Ryan Brown just12

overdosed before he started Middle School

Joshua Sermons from a treedeliberately stepped in front of a train

Arturo thought that he let his family down

Yong Lee hanged himself on christmas morning

possible solutions

should we read the paper?

we should come to church on sunday morning

keep this kind of thinking

God has gone before us

God wants to dispatch us

dont be afraid

nothing is impossible

no matter what you think about yourself

you havent let your family down

we can make a difference together 

Acts 2 (text quote)

when the day of Pentecost came

blowing of a violent wind

filled the whole house

tongues of fire...

God fearing Jews ...

in his own language

are not all these men Galileans

what does this mean?

what meaneth this ?

what's up with this?

people are perplexed

when God's moving

when God pulls back the restraint

over to his free will

when God dispatches angels

somebody might ask what does this mean

others, however, made fun of them 

I will pour out my spirit

same spirit overshadow Mary

given the name Jesus

to save his people from their sin

poured out on all people

man of God gets up and speaks God's word

preaches God's message to us

I could have a Biblethon , Preachathon

(listing local preachers)

there's gonna be a day

spirit of God poured out

daughters will proclaim the very heart of God

what meaneth this?

that's what we as BRBC must do

does this mean that EVERYBODY?

young men see visions

old men dream dreams

Romans 1: 18

Wrath of God is being revealed

suppress the truth by their witness

clearly seen

without excuse

futile thinking

became fools


the truth of God for a lie  

we could see the evidence

have to be careful when we stick the screen up

that we dont worship creativity of man

we give thanks


greek thanks


Jesus lifted the bread and gave thanks  

(Glory Glory Hallelujah song )