The Waiting Room  


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Would you open your Bibles to the Gospel of Luke?

We're going to spend 3 years

Run over here to the Acts of the Apostles

also gonna preach throught the book of romans

now the people who sit over here

they wanna get in close to the book of Romans

luke, I want you to be experts on Luke

oh, you can pay attention to what's going on

it's not a 3 ring circus, but its a 3 venue sermon series over the next 3 years

give or take a year

I was on the way to the Gospel Mission

our church does a service on the 4th saturday of every month

got stopped by a train

took a little while waiting for the train

I looked at the clock and I knew we had enough time

I wasnt in a big hurry so it was alright for me to wait

there was no problem waiting at all

I kinda take my time going over railroad tracks

I'm a conservative gentleman behind the wheel of a car

the person behind me was in a bigger hurry than I

hand gestures he made

What is your problem? Let's get outta here

I looked ahead

that car going ahead of me

he's not gonna get anywhere any faster

so I didnt gesture back

I didnt focus on the fact that my delay was causing him to wait longer

the waiting room.

Jerry Seinfeld

there is no hope

you're gonna go in that little room to wait to see the doctor

and you're waiting


phone call

news to hear about a brother who's missing

baby to come

God to make a change in



if we try to take that WEIGHT upon ourselves

they're waiting

Luke 1: 13-21 quoted 

that's what I wanna talk about

sometimes we are impatient

zechariah spent an aweful long time on his assignment

looking at our watch

time for the sermon to be done yet

God's doing business with Zechariah

waiting upon the lord


intercessory spirit

powerful way

forecasting decades ahead

30 years to implement

John the Baptist


30 years are gonna pass

when God's doing business with someone  

havent a clue what's happened

wait upon one another

some that are older than you

visited in the home

80-something     90-something

I dont think she could run if she wanted to

the Spirit is quickening her

she's alive in Christ

moves a lot slower than me

this old man has a new work in his life

to think maybe I'm gonna

move slower than I do today

the church to be taught these things

a life changing work in my life

already happened

that he wasnt done with Elizabeth

with Zechariah

shared with Zechariah a 30 year plan

John would turn the

fix our eyes on the wrong thing

platforms gonna look difference

3 screens

full band or orchestra

huge choir

if that's what the Lord has for us

Elizabeth is gonna look different 5 months from now

what is our response

people are waiting outside

he had seen a vision

Luke 1: 21-24

would everybody say that word: Pregnant

Pregnancy is a good thing

God brings a child

every child precious in His sight

this child has already had forecast

a 30 year plan

started with pregnancy

hoping that God's going to do

dont just judge us

shook your hand

bulletin turned into your hand

based on what you see today

I hopeyou'll become pregnant with vision

I would that you all become pregnant cause we could grow the church through the nursery

Pregnancy is a good thing

the unseen

God's in it

it takes a while

after this Luke 1:24

she begins to show

offer a bit of a complaint here and there

hope of life

30 year plan 

impinging on her convenience

Luke 1:25

Acts 1:4

and then Jesus will deliver this idea

to be his witnesses

after they receive this gift

the Holy Spirit comes to live within them

to take the Gospel all over the world

cross all kinds of barriers

still, there's a waiting period

they became pregnant with promise

Acts 1:13-14

I wanna call this the waiting room

upper room

A large group waiting together

I see these people

pregnant with possibility

waiting in obedience

TRUST AND OBEY  (cyber-hymnal)

they waited in Jerusalem

waited in prayer

earnest, continual

I wanna preach

hear the ever living word

luke to be center stage for us

the very words of Jesus

I need to know where I came from

this church is a continuation of what started in that upper room because those people did wait

something else happens when you're waiting

people get to planning while they wait


3 babies in

the 4th we're waiting on

count this one here

come into the fold

before and after

She, what's her name?  Tyla

chooses to remain silent

give her time

what happens when you are pregnant?

nesting syndrome

woman starts to stay up

everything that must change

mom told her husband

the music room has to go

same thing happened to me

planning takes place

we're gonna make some plans

even while we're waiting

we shouldnt get so stuck on our plans

.... that's different from what we were planning

so heavenly minded no earthly good

not a lack of faith

in those days ...

Acts 1: 15-26

we're waiting

indwelling Holy Ghost

he is a visionary

Apostolic ministry

sent ones

now for the first time

Peter standing up

We must choose

Acts doesnt comment on this

that is our speculation

Paul was the real choice of Jesus

Jesus does actually come to Paul and calls him just as he did James and John and Peter

he will call paul

I would guess that Matthias worked hard

they didnt know Saul of Tarsus

there's no way they could have known

we just have to step out by faith

our leaders

might not be perfect

while we're waiting we should make some plans

the important thing is we trust and obey

waiting for the sounds of that baby

bet  you cant wait till she turns 16

we cant just keep her like that

made in the image and likeness of God

male and female he made them

we might be

back in the 70s

I would be afraid to bring children into this world

all the reports

wrath of God being revealed

all the news reports

how wicked the world was becoming

God is still bringing children into this world

ROMANS 1:13-

do you see reading between the lines

I have planned many times

prevented from doing so

what is Paul doing

waiting and being Paul

he doesnt wait without planning

making some necessary decisions

write a letter

longed to come to see you

gives voice to his hope



I long to see what God's gonna do with us

next sunday

this sunday

wouldnt it have been wonderful

hard time finding a parking spot

who planned on picketers?

it wasnt part of the 3 year plan

dont forget the 4th child

God has assembled a group of people

Philippians paraphrase:  4:8  

I'd like to be able to live out a life

go beyond

ends of the earth

spain would be it


great with child

are you ready

oh, I'm eager to deliever

ready to arrive

labor and delivery


we are obligated to the wise and the foolish

people who belong

obligated to those who are different





I am not ashamed

Romans 1:16-17

Luke said that Zechariah was a righteous man

He showed up

It was his turn to be there

driving to sacramento

God may have wanted to do something big

all I had to do

where I was supposed to be

nobody said I had to be there


sunday morning a priority

there's nothing quite like being here

you have no idea

terrible twos

she's gonna have learned


expectation it makes you eager


Paul said

I'm ready

ROMANS 1:13-15

Rome's in the middle of where


ends of the earth can be reached

sacramento airport

text message on your cell phone

all the roads lead out from rome

Romans 1:17

we are gonna learn about the righteous

Romans 1:17

Zechariah was a righteous man

most of you are here

free will

sense of duty

what else is there

First church of Sealy PosturePedic?

know that I know that I know

what role do I play?

as we dig into Romans


right standing within God

going cause it was his turn

go in and light the incense

gonna change the course of human history

make a people ready

but paul

he's gonna help Martin Luther

there's a life to be lived by faith

righteousness is not something to be abhored

punish the flesh

someway please God through that work

righteous will be alive, live by faith

Romans 1:18

up to Romans 3:20 wrath of God



and brimstone

mention the outer darkness

talk about the condition of man

Romans 3:23

eternal separation from God

consider this truth, this reality

all are separated

Gospel- God has made a way

gets past those 2's

hope for her

safe life

protected by her Mother and Father

she'll go to Sunday School

God will speak to her

loving laborers

invite her to receive Christ as her saviour

our hope

6 years old

way up there in years

have told me when they were just children

saving power of Jesus Christ