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Saturday, April 14, 2007   (excerpt from my daily journal)
"Line-by-line, Verse-by-verse: 
                A New Chapter at BellRoad"

The Sunday Morning pulpit at BellRoad will be a blend of expository-topical messages--the result of continual,
collide-o-scopic consideration of these three New Testament books:

Acts, Luke,
and Romans

Lord willing, It will be a three-year series (give or take a year...).

I hope to conduct a portion of my studies,
    gather my thoughts and store the results 
    in this semi-private webpage that I have 

Regarding tools I am planning to employ in this endeavor:
I will link through the BibleGateway to share different renderings of any given passage.

For Greek word study, the page has included a link to the
BlueLetterBible website (as well, it uses the KJV as a default text).

Through hyperlinks, I will keep other study helps one click away. For example, click here to see how I'll store some extra-biblical research on the intended recipient of Acts and Luke: Theophilus.

At a Dollar Store in Auburn, I found KJV Bible CDs. Fortunately, they had several copies of Acts, Luke--but only one copy of Romans. These CDs will most likely become part of my drivetime audio diet.

I listened to Romans  yesterday while cleaning our kitchen (from the beginning through the 16th chapter). Through the window, I could also see Zach, Ben, Cathy, Cory, Daniel, and Barry do their bushwhacking follow-through. You can imagine how happy mama is with all that work. The yard...  and the kitchen...yeah!

As I write, I'm listening again to the Romans CD but I'm not truly 'hearing' much from the audio stimuli. 

This level of multi-tasking isn't working as well for me (as kitchen clean-up/study).  Still, it doesn't distract me and certain passages do impinge upon my consciousness as I continue to work.

I don't recall having preached any sermon series through Luke or Romans (although I'm quite familiar with them).

I have preached through many passages from Acts through the years. In seminary, I completed an in-depth study of Acts as well as a study of the Holy Spirit (in Luke and Acts).

For my study of Romans, I am also considering one of the commentaries that I was given as recipient of the Holman-Broadman Seminarian Award (May, 1996). Are we impressed with my scholarly achievements yet?

Anyway, I am reminded of all the worthwhile books on the shelves (and in the boxes) that I never had time to read during my decade in Galt. I'll do more hardcopy book-study during this pastorate.

I didn't remember ever spending time with this particular volume (New American Commentary, Vol. 27, Mounce). However, I found some notes on chapter 4 and an early hand-drawn map of Galt's eastside.

I have already enjoyed a brief reminder on the role Tertius played in Paul's recording of this message.

At the Ross Dept. Store in Auburn, I found an interesting DVD compilation of 'Sacred Classics'. Among the eight old-school films which were digitized for this collection is a copy of
'Martin Luther' (105 min. 1953). Luther's LifeMission and his interaction with the message of Romans may be valuable as a backdrop for this series.

During the
7 Days of Dedication, I received direction from the Spirit about my post-easter pulpit ministry. I intend to be proactive in maturing through this year of Jubilee. I'll turn 50 in July.


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