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Future of Old Folks

Thanks to Ray O'.

Old Folks 1
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A love affair between retired salesman, Dominic Ehrler, and a Toulouse goose, called Maria, at Echo Park near Downtown Los Angeles has attracted many stares.
The overprotective goose makes her defensive presence known each time the pair is seen together.

Story of a goose who befriends a retired man in the park..flv

Why There Are Fewer Men Than Women In The World

Thanks to Steven B.
Fewer men 1
Fewer men 2

Fewer men 4
Fewer men 5

Fewer men 6
Fewer men 7

Fewer men 8
Fewer men 9

Fewer men 10
Fewer men 11

Fewer men 12
Fewer men 14

Fewer men 15
Fewer men 16

Fewer men 17
Fewer men 18

Fewer men 19
Fewer men 20

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Amazing Grace on a Hungarian Street Car

Amazing grace


Thanks to Lee


What Do You See?

Thanks to Tony H.

What do you See?


What a beautiful parrot, no? Look at all those colors, those beautiful feathers, that elegant tail.
And then look, closer, stare at the picture until you realize that this isn't a parrot at all: it's a woman meticulously made up to look like a bird.
The above photo is the work of artist and former body painting champion Johannes Stoetter who spent four weeks planning this shoot, five hours setting it up, four hours painting the model, and another hour trying to find the pose that most resembled that of a real parrot.
The result is beautiful and almost infuriating in its execution.
Having problems seeing her? The tail is her left leg and her beak is her left hand with the arm flung over her head.

Fellow Wine Imbibers

Thanks to Connie.

wine 1
wine 2

wine 5
wine 4
wine 3
wine 6

wine 7
wine 8
wine 9

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