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Mysterious Church Staircase

Thanks to Paula M
A mysterious wooden spiral staircase was built in a church without nails, screws or glue.

The identity of the man who built it remains unknown.

Architects, engineers and scientists can not explain how it defies the laws of physics.

Google Docs Video

Magnets and marbles. Just mesmerising

Thanks to Joanne J.

The Magik of Shadows

Thanks to Bert

The Magik of Shadows.ppt

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Life On The Edge

Thanks to Joanne J.

edge 1
edge 2
edge 3
edge 4
edge 5
edge 6
imae 7
edge 9
image 10

edge 11
edge 14

4 Funnies

Thanks to Paul S

4 funnies.mp4

Funny Statements

Thanks to Bert

Funny Statements.ppt

Odd Facts

Thanks  Ray O'.

odds 1
odds 2

odds 3
odds 4
Odds 4
odds 6
odds 7
odds 8

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