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I Woke Up and the World Around Me is Still Asleep

May 27th, 2017

By Juliet Tang

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

More and more of us are awakening to our true spiritual nature every day. In addition to some of the common and uncommon “awakening symptoms”, teary struggles and glorious “aha” moments we experience (to read more, check out my article The Post-Awakening Thrive Guide – 9 Steps to Embrace the Path of Light), our interactions with the world can get even trickier when we are surrounded by those who are still deep asleep.

Allow the Solitude

A period of solitude usually accompanies the process of awakening, and that is because awakening is a journey into the deepest parts of our psyches that can only be taken alone. Solitude does not necessarily mean making the sudden decision of leaving our lives behind, selling all our belongings and finding a desolate mountaintop to meditate on. Rather, it usually shows up as wanting to socialize less or shift the way we relate to others, take more time for ourselves to connect with our energy, as well as contemplate on our emotional states, thoughts, the meaning of life and what truly matters to us.

Loneliness usually accompanies this period of solitude though some rejoice over the feeling of being alone with who they are for what seems like the first time in their lives. As always, there is no right or wrong way to feel and the most important thing to do is to honor how you feel. If going out on a Saturday night drinking with your friends doesn’t feel like your thing anymore, choose what feels good and nurturing to you. Know that whether you are feeling like no one in the whole wide world understands who you are and what are you going through, or you are enjoying the embodiment of your inner hermit, these feelings most likely are in the process of morphing into the next grand step of your journey. For now, embrace where you are and what life has gifted you.

Don’t Be a Snob, It’s Still a Dream

The snob syndrome is quite common during the awakening process. This is when everything — both the positive and the negative aspects of our existence that we used to take for granted suddenly takes on a new meaning, and the concept of duality becomes intensified and magnified in our experiences. Among everything that feels magnificent and exciting, so much in this world also feels wrong and chaotic! At times, it seems our loved ones are contributing to the “wrongs” in the world. We cringe when they make decisions we deem un-spiritual, we judge them when we see them commit acts we identify as unconscious, and we attempt to run away from them when they are in a bad mood so we don’t get pulled into their “bad” vibration.

My own snob syndrome consisted of trying to shove different books that helped me down everyone’s throat believing they’d wake them up, as well as preaching awakening to anyone who was willing, or unwilling to listen as if I was on the crusade. I’ve also witnessed awakening individuals obsessively going after the feeling of “being in 5-D” and calling everyone else out on their misalignment, or bypassing working through emotions they believe to be low frequency by using the concept of love and oneness as an excuse to not feel.

In the end, this is all part of our growth. So if you are committing your own snob syndrome, know that everything you are going through is leading to your greater evolution. After my own snob period, I slowly realized whether we are awakened, or un-awakened, the bigger picture is that this is still a dream state. In the end, we are all Consciousness co-creating a grand dream, and the only reason why we chose to forget this at birth is so we can dream convincingly and have fun along the way.

Being awakened does not make anyone better, wiser, or more special; it is not a badge to be worn or an authoritative place to be in, rather, it is just another part of the active dreaming process and instead of getting fixated with it, or feeling it is anyone’s job to tell others how to dream better, treat it with lightness and humor. Approach every event and interaction with curiosity knowing our external reality is but a projection of our own consciousness, and if something external triggers us, simply ask, “What is inside me that is reacting to this, and how is this helping me decide who I am and who I want to be?”

Set Your Boundaries and Stay Empowered

While some experience the snob syndrome, others, especially those who have past boundary issues find it even more difficult to set boundaries feeling they are betraying the oneness principle. While it is very true that there is no separation between anyone or anything, and in the ultimate reality, there is only One, we did each choose to come here with the illusion of separation to experience one unique aspect of the divine. In that sense, until we learn true self-expression, love and authenticity by committing ourselves to thoughts, words and actions that honor our truths, we are not fully fulfilling our life purpose to be who we are.

While it is important for us to never judge others, it is equally essential for us to take care of our needs, say no when we mean no, set our boundaries and make choices that are conscious and empowering. Passivity or avoidance of confrontation in the name of universal love is an indication of a lack of self-love; likewise, engaging in compromising and self-sacrificing activities for fear of how others may feel is not the expression of authenticity.

Embrace Being Human with Consciousness

For the longest time, I was in a somewhat detached phase that made me feel like an outsider who was observing the motions of all the happenings around me without intense emotional involvement. There is nothing wrong with being in that place of stillness though one day, I decided I wanted to be more human again since that was the only reason why I took on this body to begin with!

The universe granted my decision with a bunch of ups and downs, intense emotions and even some drama here and there. The difference with experiencing what we call difficulties in life after an awakening is that if we desire to, we can choose to experience everything from both the human self, and the conscious True Self. In that sense, though we may be feeling anger, frustration and even hopelessness, there is always a higher perspective within in which our True Self is experiencing these events very differently and without any duality.

For instance, whilst the mind is condemning lack and figuring out how to attract abundance, the True Self could very much be revering at this chance of knowing ourselves as abundance and expansion. As the mind is craving for love and approval, the True Self could be coming from the perspective of wanting to use this opportunity for us to go inward and remember our unconditional worth. As difficult as it is for the human mind to conceive, from the perspective of the True Self, everything in life is a manifestation of divine love and every experience serves the purpose of creation and expansion for us to know our True Infinite Being.

Finding the balance between the two perspectives can be tricky in the beginning, but once we do, it can make embracing the human aspect of living more fun and effortless because for as long as we choose to stay conscious, we know there is no need to take anything in life so seriously since we are all Gods dreaming ourselves being human in a simulated reality. If we knew at the core we are intelligent Source Energy that is eternal, infinite and ever-evolving, why not do whatever we can to make the most of this dream? Perhaps this means we can allow ourselves to embrace being human more and inhale all its delights by forgiving, laughing, loving and having fun more often, doing what makes our hearts sing, seeing the light in every negative situation and relationship, taking more leaps of faith, going on more adventures and enjoying that occasional ice cream or cookie without the guilt!

On the soul level, there is truly no difference between an awakened and un-awakened being. If one’s passion and choice is to assist in the world’s awakening and empower humanity, that calling is not superior, or inferior to another soul’s mission of wanting to live a simple and un-awakened life in a remote village as a fisherman. While we may never know why another soul chose a certain path and what it is looking to experience and co-create, and therefore can never judge anyone else’s path, we are here to experience all of it in this dream called life. In the eyes of the Divine True Self, all is beautiful. All is well. All is expansion.

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During the darkest days of the Global Financial Meltdown in 2009, a paper was released under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto about Bitcoin, a new, radical technology about finance, which proposed Bitcoin.

Today, Bitcoin has recently soared to over USD$1,900.

Roger Ver and others here explain what makes it tick.

YouTube Video

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Humans Are The Most Destructive Species On Earth

First published in April 2016

We humans have been in existence for less than 1% of life on Earth – In the short time of our existence, we have impacted everything; every part of our small blue planet. Our home!

We have been around for only 200,000 years – Archaeologists have calculated that humans originated about 200,000 years ago in the Middle Palaeolithic period in southern Africa, and migrated out of Africa around 70,000 years ago and began colonizing the entire planet. We spread to Eurasia around 40,000 years ago (there is no geologic boundary between Europe and Asia – so they are combined as Eurasia.) and Oceania (roughly Australia to Fiji), and reached the Americas just 14,500 years ago.

Humans are a member of a species of bipedal primates. We walk upright. We also have opposable thumbs so we can grip ‘things’. We have, what we think of as a highly developed brain. And so, we have called ourselves ‘homo sapiens’. In Latin, “Homo” means “man” and “Sapiens” means “wise”. Wise Men.

Dinosaurs existed for 135 million years – It is estimated that dinosaurs were the dominant terrestrial vertebrates for 135 million years, from 231.4 million years ago till around 65 million years ago.

Dinosaurs lived for a greater time on the planet than man. Scientists explain the extinction of dinosaurs with one or two hypotheses – that the extinction was due to an extraterrestrial impact, such as an asteroid or comet, or, a massive bout of volcanism.

We humans though, have been around for a comparatively short while, yet we are making ourselves extinct due to our own activities.

In our short existence, we have impacted every corner of the world with smog, with acid rain; by breaking-up habitats and causing extinctions.

We have taken the route to deforestation to make more room for ourselves. And, through sheer cruelty and indiscriminate killing, we have disturbed the ecological balance of nature. Birds and animals are dying and gradually getting extinct. Seasons and the soil have been changed harmfully. We are waging ecocide to garner greater power to ourselves. We are cruel without remorse and we hold nature, environmental issues, truth and justice in contempt. We will soon be wiping ourselves out due to man-made climate changes and devastation of food and water supply. And, we also wage war with each other. We are killing ourselves.

Our excuse – Cleansing, development and progress – The irony of it all is we justify our destructive tendencies as intervention and manipulation – for cleansing, development and progress. And we do this because we suffer from a delusion that sees us as being separate; we think that we live in a higher plane than everything else. But trees, birds, animals and men are all inseparable parts of nature.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”

~ E.F. Schumacher

We humans are part of the same ecosystem. Each creature on this planet has a reason for its existence and is as important to life on earth as we (humans) think we are.

We are dependent on nature. Nature is not dependent on us. When we destroy an ecosystem, we are destroying life that depends on that ecosystem. Humans and nature are powerfully linked and co-evolving. All living things in an ecosystem depend on all the other things – living and non-living – i.e. organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings for continued survival, to form a self-regulating, complex system that contributes to maintaining the conditions for life on the planet. All the actions and reactions that take place and affect one part of an ecosystem, affect the whole ecosystem in some way or the other.

We are only one small part of the web of life, yet we, in this short time of our existence have treated our planet so shoddily and with such a callous contempt that we have irreversibly damaged our planet and shortened our own existence on the planet.

When nature cannot defend itself there will be a backlash. Nature cannot resist our wiles and will eventually succumb to our destructive tendencies. When forests are mined for minerals and other resources and laid bare of all their biodiversity, desertification will take place. Lakes, rivers and water resources will dry up.

There is no wisdom in man killing what sustains man … and with it, humankind!

The backlash will not be nature fighting back! But, of nature as we know it, dying out!

Homo Sapiens… Wise Men. Not at all!? Our wisdom is highly disputable. Dinosaurs were considered unintelligent, due to the small size of their brain compared to their body size. They existed for 135 million years. They didn’t kill themselves. But, man is destroying mankind.

Our planet is not in danger. Humans are in danger. From ourselves. Humankind is on the road to extinguish ourselves. Sooner rather than later. The future for all of us is bleak. The planet will continue as it has for the 99% of the time before man, it will adjust and continue. Perhaps with other life forms, other vegetation, other landscapes.

The earlier we learn to curb our innate inclination to be brutal, to pollute and to annihilate, and the earlier we will learn to live with compassion and in peaceful co-existence with ourselves and with nature, the better it is for us and our continued existence.

“When we respect the environment, then nature will be good to us. When our hearts are good, then the sky will be good to us. The trees are like our mother and father, they feed us, nourish us, and provide us with everything; the fruit, leaves, the branches, the trunk. They give us food and satisfy many of our needs. So we spread the Dharma (truth) of protecting ourselves and protecting our environment, which is the Dharma of the Buddha. When we accept that we are part of a great human family—that every being has the nature of Buddha—then we will sit, talk, make peace. I pray that this realization will spread throughout our troubled world and bring humankind and the earth to its fullest flowering. I pray that all of us will realize peace in this lifetime and save all beings from suffering”. Maha Ghosananda (1929 – 2007) revered Cambodian Buddhist monk – known as the Gandhi of Cambodia

Ancient Egyptian Artifacts Discovered in the Grand Canyon in 1909

Thanks to Forbidden Knowledge TV

20 years ago, I first heard a fleeting reference to giant mummies having been discovered inside the walls of the Grand Canyon and the discovery having been  covered-up. I never heard anything about this again.

Recently, when I ran a clip about a man in Utah who knows the locations of several tombs of giant mummies, I was re-introduced to this story. Paiute tribes have traditions about giant red-haired cannibals, who feasted on their people, until the former were able to kill the last of them by lighting a fire at the entrance to the cave where they dwelled. An account of this was published by Sarah Winnemucca, the daughter of a prominent Paiute family  in her 1883 book, Paiutes: Their Wrongs and Claims" href="">Life Among the Paiutes: Their Wrongs and Claims.

I hadn’t realized that this story about giant mummies in the Grand Canyon originated in a front page news article, published in the Phoenix Gazette on April 5, 1909. Just now, reading this old news report, the details are so shocking and I will reproduce it, below. The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC reportedly funded this excavation, therefore, it is believed by some that it absconded with evidence of this amazing find and covered it up.

The lack of interest shown by the paleontology community in the Paracas skulls and the extreme control exerted by Egyptologists over the official narrative about Ancient Egypt do beg the question as to whether our ancient history is being actively covered-up by the Powers that Be of the West.

Author Graham Hancock and others have called us a “Species with Amnesia” but the Hindus and Buddhists don’t engage in a cover-up of the idea of the extreme antiquity of humanity, whatsoever. They believe that humankind has existed for millions of years. What would be the motives of such a cover-up? Some say that if we think human history is so short, that we would consider ourselves to be like children and thus, easier to control.

This video covers the main details of this Grand Canyon case and features an interview with publisher, David Hatcher Childress, toward he end.

Below is a reproduction of the story Published by the Phoenix Gazette on April 5, 1909




5 Solutions for a New World

By Tim Bryant

Guest writer for Wake Up World

With the rise of alternative media, seeing the flaws in the mainstream media is quite easy if one knows where to look. It’s also particularly easy these days, thanks to the dawn of the Internet, to dig deep into history and discover that it has been completely misrepresented, along with the many forces behind it. As an alternative community, it seems the focus has been solely put on pointing out everything that is wrong in society. But what about solutions? It would seem that everyone is in this journey to change the world together. If that is the case, then it’s important to start focusing mass amounts of energy on the solutions to these problems rather than just simply pointing out the flaws. Finding the holes is easy; putting sustainable solutions in place is much more difficult.

This article aims to provide a brief introduction to real life solutions already in place.

It is the opinion of The Last American Vagabond and Wake Up World that the poor social structure of society is due to the over centralization of power that resides in the hands of a very small group of the ultra élite whose reach stretches into virtually all aspects of society. This is discussed in a previous article called The Coming Revolution: A New Vibrational Reality. When one finds themselves in a system that is beyond repair, there is no other choice but to start anew. Therefore, the solution is that of creating a new system through mass decentralized movements rather than trying to fix an old broken system. It is a system in which people take control over their own lives and communities though a bottom up approach. The solution will not happen through a top down approach because the system was created by the élite to benefit the élite. All levers that can bring about change have been systemically rooted out. The system was intentionally built-in this manner to maintain the control of power over time. So what can Americans do at an individual and local level to start to bring about a new system of real decentralized change?

1) Embrace Localized Organic Food and Renewable Resources

This can be done in many ways, all of which include: community gardens, farmers markets, home gardens, urban rooftop gardens, permaculture farms, localized energy grids, along with forms of renewable energy like wind farms and solar panels. The more that communities begin to localize production of food and resources, the more power local communities will begin to accumulate as more capital stays within the community, and problems from the external environment are easier to recover from. The large power of agribusiness begins to decline as the monopolies diminish and profits suffer from low demand. This will also make people healthier in the process as non-chemical laced food is replaced with fresh organic substitutes. As they say, pay the farmer or pay the doctor. People might as well help the local economy by facilitating a self-sustainable community in the process. Permaculture is an excellent place to start as it is directly in tune with nature.

2) Take Part in the Collaborative Economy

This is a decentralized economy that is made efficiently functional through a collaborative economy, a sharing economy, an on-demand economy, and collaborative consumption. A collaborative economy is an economic system of decentralized networks and marketplaces that unlocks the value of underused assets by matching “needs” and “haves,” in ways that bypass traditional middlemen. Examples include Kickstarter, Taskrabbit, and Transferwise. The sharing economy is when underused assets are shared directly by individuals. Examples include AirBnB, Landshare, and Cohealo. The on-demand economy is made up of platforms that match customer needs directly with providers to immediately deliver goods and services. Examples include Uber, Instacar, and Shuttlecook. Finally collaborative consumption is when traditional marketplace activities like renting, lending or swapping are done through technology not possible before the Internet. Examples include eBay, Zipcar, and Zopa. This whole new economy allows for individuals to directly connect without unnecessary middlemen while also sharing goods and services that are then recycled through society.

3) Boycott and Buycott Ethical Practices

The traditional voting system has proven to produce more of the same with each passing election. Empty promises are made to get a candidate in position, and then it’s politics as usual. People must begin to vote for the change they want to see in the world. Not with traditional voting, but by voting with action, by boycotting companies that have ethical practices not in alignment with their world vision, and “buycotting” places they are aligned with, or that do align with their ethical standards. This corrupt hierarchical system can only continue to function if people continue to take part in it. If even 20% of the population was to withdraw energy from the system, it could very well collapse like a deck of cards. This also includes boycotting taxes on the grounds that the tax money is not only illegitimately taken, but used for purposes in which are in total disagreement with what the people want. There is hardly anything the powers that be can do if this type of boycott mass movement is done on a large-scale. New systems can then arise to take the place of old ones.

4) Branch Out Into Alternative Currencies

One of major problems in today’s society stems from a central control over the national currency. Since the currency is so widely used, problems to one of the major pillars in society like banks that are considered “too big to fail,” can cause the whole system to crash. Also, through central banks, the money supply has been increased at a ridiculous pace, while devaluing the currency in return. This has widened the wealth gap in the process as the rich have much more access to this newly printed money. Breaking off into alternative currencies such as Bitcoin, gold and silver, as well as local based currencies derived from local services and goods, and labor hours, will truly allow communities to stand on their own legs instead of solely dependent on a central force. These local based currencies have all already been implemented successfully in places like Ithaca, NY through Ithaca Hours and countries like Greece through the use of the TEM.

5) Don’t Vote

Obviously if this country was functioning under a legitimate democracy, voting would be of the utmost importance in society. However, many feel today that it doesn’t make a difference at all, especially at the federal level, and to a lesser degree at the state level. This is a subject that will undoubtedly upset some who feel that voting is the one true way to enact change; which all can agree on when assuming the system is not corrupt and each voter has a voice. In America’s current political system, that could not be further from the truth. Americans have seen overwhelming evidence that voting machines have been tampered with.

They have seen politicians getting caught in lies, flip-flopping on important issues based on party pressures, and watched as candidates accept massive legalized bribes to carry out future legislation, otherwise known as campaign contributions. Voting in a system in which the vote itself makes no difference to the outcome, is showing compliance to the system and therefore giving it legitimacy. The establishment wants people to vote in high numbers, so when a leader is elected, they are legitimized. If hardly anyone votes, then the leader has far more shaky ground to stand on. In today’s corrupt two-party system, the best course of action would be to not vote and focus one’s energy at the individual and local levels. At the local level voting can still work, but that also comes with increased participation and understanding in how the local community operates and functions. Local communities must be restored before national change comes.

It is no longer a question of what the solutions are, but instead a matter of putting them into practice and building off of them. Pointing out all the problems in society is all for nothing if solutions are not implemented. The new society is deeply rooted in the people taking back their sovereign right to self-govern and self-sustain themselves rather than be reliant on a large central state for all the answers. It WILL NEVER come from the top. They built the system in a way in which they always will remain in control. Therefore, it’s time for a radical shift inside us, the people. A fundamental shift in one’s own consciousness has to occur first. Once this happens, the next logical step is to branch out into the local communities in which one lives. It’s a bottom-up approach in which the seed is planted inside the soul first, then leading to seeds being spread and harvested within local communities. We can’t relay on some external force to bring about change. It’s up to each and every one of us to be the change we want to see in the world. We must literally manifest the new world we want to see by embracing that energy in our own collective actions. This is real change through real action.

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