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What is a Grandparent

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Indoor Luxury

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Luxury 1

  No chance for a tropical storm in here!
Incredible pictures show luxury resort complete with sandy beaches,
palm trees and clear blue water...

Luxury 2
Luxry 3

Luxury 4
Luxury 5

Luxury 6
Luxury 7

Luxury 7
Luxury 8

Luxury 9
It has a maximum capacity of 6,000 visitors a day and in its first year attracted 975,000 visitors. As well as the thousands of visitors each day, approximately 500 people work at the site. Tropical Islands open to members
of the public in 2004.Incredibly, the hangar is 360 metres (1080') long, 210 metres (630') wide and 107 metres (321') high,
tall enough to house the Statue of Liberty. 

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Underwater from Fiji and Tonga

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Underwater from Fiji and Tonga

Police Dogs

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police 1
police 2

police 4

police 5
police 6

The Beautiful Seasons of Norway

Thanks to George Z.

The Seasons of Norway is a short time-lapse film from photographer Morten Rustad that shows us the spectacular scenery of Norway and how it changes with the seasons. He traveled over 20,000 kilometers and filled up numerous hard drives with over 200,000 photos that he took to create this wonderful video. I have never traveled to Norway but a trip there is most certainly on my bucket list. If you enjoyed this video you might also like to see some more Stunning Norway Landscapes.

Beautiful Seasons of Norway.mp4

Mat Franco's Magical Return - America's Got Talent

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Mat Franco's Magical Return - America's Got Talent 2015

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