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Assisted Living

Thanks to Kenneth S.

This is what all of you 70+ year-olds, and yet-to-be kids have to look forward to!!

This is something that happened at an assisted living center.

The people who lived there have small apartments but they all eat at a central cafeteria.

One morning one of the residents didn't show up for breakfast so my wife went upstairs and knocked on his door to see if everything was OK. She could hear him through the door and he said that he was running late and would be down shortly so she went back to the dining area.
An hour later he still hadn't arrived so she went back up towards his room and she found him on the stairs. He was coming down the stairs but was having a hell of time. He had a death grip on the hand rail and seemed to have trouble getting his legs to work right. She told him she was going to call an ambulance but he told her no, he wasn't in any pain and just wanted to have his breakfast. So she helped him the rest of the way down the
stairs and he had his breakfast.
When he tried to return to his room he was completely unable to get up even the first step so they called an ambulance for him. A couple hours later she called the hospital to see how he was doing. The receptionist there said he was fine, he just had both of his legs in one leg of his boxer shorts.

People Are Awesome

YouTube Video

Adoption Story

Thanks to Spike

A couple who work at the circus go to an adoption agency.
Social workers there raise doubts about their suitability as parents.
The couple produce photos of their 45 foot Class A Prevost coach, which is equipped with a beautiful nursery.
The social workers then are doubtful about the education that the child would receive.
"We've arranged for a full-time tutor who will teach the child all the usual subjects, plus French and Mandarin languages and computer skills."
Still, the social workers have doubts about raising a child in a circus environment.
"We have arranged for a nanny who is an expert in pediatric welfare and diet."
Finally, the social workers are satisfied.
The adoption agency asks, "What age child are you hoping to adopt?"
"It doesn't really matter, as long as he fits in the cannon"

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You Won't Believe Your Eyes

Thanks to Carol P.

 A dust storm over the ocean in Australia
Believe eyes 1

  This floating cruise ship is actually a hotel in South Korea.
Believe eyes

 This optical illusion is outside of Paris City Hall and while you might be thinking it's a sphere of grass, it's actually all flat land.

   These trees are trimmed to appear in a straight line. It looks like something straight out of inception.
Believe eyes 4

 Two of the biggest tennis stars, Federer and Nadal, playing on a water court.
Believe eyes 5

  A rainbow and waterfall that make everything look oh so magical.
Believe eyes 6

 The salt flats in Bolivia make it seem like you're walking on water.
Believe eyes 7

  This is what an earthquake did to some train tracks in Canterbury, New Zealand.
Believe eyes 8

 This parking garage sign that jumps straight out at you.
   A sinkhole in Guatemala City in 2010...yes, this actually happened and yes, it really was 60 feet wide and 200 feet deep.
Believe eyes 11

 Fishermen on Chaohu Lake, China. They are actually rowing through algae-filled water.
Believe eyes 11
   Just a regular optical illusion created by some extremely clear water.
Believe eyes 12

  This wolf is made entirely from pipe cleaners
Believe eyes 13

 Phone line that was partly destroyed from a fire in Russia.
Believe eyes 15

 A tornado mixed with a rainbow over Kansas.

  The Crooked Forest is located in West Pomerania, Poland and it's totally stunning. There are over 400 bent trees in this forest.
Crooked forest

Young Deer Rescued From Mud by Excavator Operator

Thanks to David L

Young Deer Rescued From Mud by Excavator Operator

Why Kids Must Have Pets

Thanks to David H.

Why kids MUST have pets.ppt

What Will Matter

Thanks to Lee

What Will Matter from Steve Politte on Vimeo.mp4

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