Sunday Family Humour 10th April

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First Time

Thanks to Tully

First time finding a cookie picture in a cooking magazine:
  First time forgetting how spoons work:
First time meeting a puppy:
 First time having their toes licked by a cat:
 First time "drinking" out of a hose:
 First time smelling someone's foot:
 First time experiencing the sweet, sweet glory of television:
 And finally, the first time experiencing the taste of sour:

Le Petit Chef

Thanks to Carol P
The French restaurant Le Petit Chef(Little Chef), came up with an original way to entertain guests while waiting for your order by using a projector on the ceiling, and the animation on the table.  There is a small chef who appears on your plate.

YouTube Video

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David M's Gallery

Thanks to David M.
David M 7

David M 3
David M 4

David M 5
David M 6

David M 8
David M 9

David M 11

David M 12
David M 13

David M 13
David M 14

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Wall Of Comedy

Wall of comedy

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Neat Old Stuff

Thanks to David H.

Old stuff.ppt

Great Marketing

Thanks to Bill S.

YouTube Video

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Stop and Smell the Flowers

Thanks to Tully

Smell Flowers 1
Smell flowers 2

Smell flowers 3
Smell flowers 6

Smell flowers 7
Smell flowers 8

smell the flowers 14

smell the flowers 9

smell the flowers 10
smell the flowers 11

smell the flowers 4
smell the flowers 5

smell the flowers 13
smell the flowers 12

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