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Quiz for Warped Minds

Thanks to David H.

Question 1. A man went outside in the pouring rain with NO protection,but not a hair on his head got wet. How come ?.

Question 2.  John’s father has five sons named Alan, Blan, Clan, and Dlan. What did he call his fifth son ?.

Question  3. A taxi driver is going down a one way street the wrong way, he passes ten policemen. Why does he not get arrested ?.

Question  4. What is  directly in the middle of Australia ?.

Question 5.  A footballer kicks a ball. It goes ten feet and comes back to him. How is this possible ?.

Question 6. On average, how many books can you put in an empty backpack ?.

Question 7. A cowboy rode to an inn on Friday.He stayed two nights and left on Friday. How can this be ?.  



1.     The man is bald.

2.      John

3.     He was walking on foot

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4.     The letter R

5.     He kicks the ball upwards

6.     One. After that, it isn’t empty

          7.      His horse was called Friday.

Retired Guy

Thanks to Ray O'.

So this retired guy sits around the house all day until one day his wife says to him, "You could do something useful, like vacuum the house once a week.
Guy gives it a moments thought and says, "Sure why not.  Show me to the vacuum."
Half an hour later the guy comes into the kitchen to get some coffee. 
His wife says,"I did not hear the vacuum running.  
" I thought you were using it ? "
Exasperated man answers, "The stupid thing is broken... it wont start... we need to buy a new one."
"Really?", she says. "Show me!"
So he did.

Retired Guy

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David M's Gallery
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David M 9

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Spring is just around the corner

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The Two Ronnies - Mastermind
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National Geographic's Best Photos for 2015

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National Geographic Best Photos for 2015

Unsure Pakistani Scooter Rider

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Unsure Pakistani Scooter Rider

What A Wonderful World

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What A Wonderful World

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