Why do good people suffer?

                 There are a lot of people who don't believe in what most religions say: that good people incur no sin and will have a lot of happiness, while wicked people incur danger and will suffer a lot. It is quite easy to oppose this claim from experiences in our day-to-day life. Wicked people are the ones that seem to enjoy life a lot, while good people almost invariably suffer. Now, who's a 'wicked' person, and who's good? Ok, let's leave that discussion aside and assume that those who do more 'bad' things (to me, it's things that cause physical, mental or spiritual pain to anyone) than good on an average are 'wicked' and the reverse holds for good people. Whether you agree with the definition or not, the question remains: why do wicked people enjoy a lot?
                My answer is a question: do they? You and I can only see that they are wealthy, popular, always playful, etc. We put ourselves in their position, and see that we would enjoy being in that position. Why should that mean they enjoy it? Many a times, I have found that I have been unhappy though I had things I desired, and happy even when I had nothing. The things you have, the popularity you achieve, etc. cannot help you to be happy. Only your mind can do it. If you have done some mistake deliberately, you know how 'nagging' mind is. There's no peace of mind until you either reverse the mistake(if possible) or you succeed in making your mind believe that what you did wasn't wrong. But we hide all this suffering within ourselves and act outwards as if we were happy. A lot of times, people who are humorous and seemingly 'ever-ready to laugh' are actually suffering a lot internally and doing their best to hide it. It is reasonable to think that this is the case with most of the wicked people. Their mind is in a constant state of tension, but they try to be happy just because they think they have reason to be happy - wealth, fame, etc. In most cases, they are highly split and unhappy.
                All that said, wicked people do sometimes enjoy things a lot. They seem to be given more opportunities to be happy. Those who do succed in making their mind believe that what they did wasn't wrong do have peace of mind and happiness. Thinking about it, I have had to introduce some new ideas, the chief one being 'quatisation of levels of rebirth'. For me, belief in rebirth has been an obvious thing. But this quantisation is something new, and I haven't seen it anywhere. By quantisation, I mean that there are fixed levels at which people can be born. For example, being born to a pessimistic, drunkard, poor father and having no mother might form one of the lowermost levels, while being born to optimistic, pious, encouraging parents in a lovely environment might be a much higher level (these are just my scales of happiness and peace). To reach each of these levels, you should have a certain ratio of 'unexperienced' good to 'unexperienced' bad things. By the word 'unexperienced', I mean that it's results have not already been experienced - results being joy for good things, sorrow for bad things.
                When a wicked person's good to bad ratio doesn't match exactly with any of the levels, his natural tendency to enjoy is allowed, thus his 'unexperienced' good decreases (his good actions' results are being experienced). When this has decreased enough to reach a level exactly, he has a rebirth at that level. So that explains why wicked people enjoy. Similarly, good people suffer, thereby reducing the 'unexperienced' bad count. So, they get a much better birth the next time (at a better level).
While all this might seem highly metaphysical, most part of it has been accepted and preached by many spiritual leaders. Only the quantisation part seems to be my own.