Books For Sale

Books for Sale at the Sun City Library


Hundreds of good used books are for sale every day the library is open. A visit to the Friends store will find standard paperbacks priced at 50 cents--and sometimes less--and a large selection of hardbound fiction and non-fiction, usually priced at less than $4.

Children's books are among our best sellers, and it is often difficult to keep them in stock.

We offer a"Bag of Books for A Buck Sale" four times throughout the year. with over 2,000 items to choose from.  

In addition to our in-library sale, we offer a special selection of high quality books in very good to excellent condition, and some signed first editions, for internet purchasers. These are our more expensive books, but priced in line with the offerings of commercial used book dealers and other internet sites. A complete description of each book may be found at  At this site you may purchase by credit card and the book will be shipped to you. If you wish to purchase by cash or check and pick up the book at the library, please contact us. 
Thrifty book lovers at a Bag-of-Books-for-A-Buck Sale.

A friendly volunteer at the Sun City Library Bookstore