Democrats of Sun City

President Michael Schwartz 34 Devant Dr. East 703-795-1279

Vice President Susan Bryant 121 Ft. Beauregard Ln. 843-707-1528

Secretary Maya Jofen 536 Northlake Village Ct. 516-244-0303

Treasurer Phyllis Baxter 109 Coburn Dr. West 843-705-6842

Membership Chair Carolyn Hubers 32 Purry Cir. 978-290-0729

General Membership Meeting

February 15

7 PM

via ZOOM

The League of Women Voters Launches New Website:

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• The Democratic Party has a long and cherished history of trying to do the most good for the greatest number of people.

• Social Security

• Medicare, Medicaid, Healthcare Reform, Food Safety

• New Deal, Great Society, Peace Corp, Vista, Job Corp

• Civil Rights, Women’s Right to Vote, Equal Rights, The Voting Rights Act, Equal Pay Act, Motor Voter

• Consumer Protection, FDIC, Banking and Wall Street Regulations, SEC, Federal Reserve System, Anti-trust Legislation

• Funding for Science, Medical and Engineering Research, Space Exploration, NSF, NIH

• Support for Public Education, Head Start, School Lunch and Breakfast Programs

• NLRB, 8 hr. Work Day/40 hr. Work Week, Overtime, Unemployment

• Protection for the Environment, Increased Numbers and Support of National Parks and Wilderness Areas, Endangered Species Act, FEMA

• Veterans’ Benefits, GI Bill

• UN, NATO, Marshall Plan

• Vehicles Safety Requirements, Reduced Emissions, and Fuel Economy Standards (CAFE)

• TVA, Federal Loan Program, PBS, NPR, the Internet

• Economic Growth (Democratic Presidents: Roosevelt through Obama)

DEMOCRATIC CREED - Authored by George Kanuck

We believe that the United States is the greatest country in the world. We believe in a strong U.S. military under civilian control and I support our troops and their families. I believe in the Constitution. We believe we are winning the fight against terrorism, but must be ever vigilant. We believe in the public educational system and affordable college for all who wish. We believe everyone that can work should have a job with fair wages. I believe workers unions are an essential part of our economy. We believe a woman has the right to control her own body. We believe that our Nation is entitled to clean air, clean water, safe food and an environment guided by reasonable regulations. We believe we have a responsibility to help those who need help, includingr feeding our own population. We believe in the American capitalist system with appropriate controls on financial institutions. We believe we are an immigrant Nation and we need compassionate, comprehensive immigration reform. We believe science should guide national policy, not religious dogma. We believe in a fair income tax system for all individuals. We believe in stable, sustainable Social Security and Medicare programs. We believe in affordable health care for all Americans, especially those 40 million now without. We believe marriage is a civil right to be shared by all. We are intolerant of intolerance, hatred, racism, ignorance, and bigotry in all forms. We are Democrats!

The List Below Contains Both Informational and Sites for Job Seekers and Volunteers

Jobs and internships in several locations throughout the country.

All Things Democrat has volunteer opportunities for experienced writers and entry-level research assistants. All positions are online, work from home.

Internships in Washington D.C. that include a "variety of projects and activities." See the site for examples.

Jobs and internships with this public opinion research firm for Democrats with offices in Washington, D.C., New York City and Montgomery, AL.

Jobs located in Atlanta but may require travel. Openings listed on the Emory University careers page.

Jobs and internships in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, CA.

The Center has employment opportunities at the New York headquarters, but also has offices in Washington D.C, Bogota, Columbia, and Nairobi, Kenya.

Jobs and internships at The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, The Leadership Conference Education Fund, and Civil Rights .org member organizations and other civil rights organizations throughout the country.

Jobs, fellowships, internships and volunteer positions in New York, Little Rock, Boston and international locations.

Jobs and internships based in Burlington, VT, as well as possible regional positions.

D.C. area jobs and national campaign volunteer opportunities.

Democratic GAIN is a professional association for Democratic and progressive political professionals and organizations. The site includes a job board, career advice, networking and other services for "members" (fees range from $0 to $250).

The Democratic Governors Association maintains a database of prospective staff members for gubernatorial campaigns across the country and helps Democratic gubernatorial candidates meet their staffing needs. Jobs, internships and volunteers.

Jobs and internships with the Democratic Leadership Council and various affiliates.

Jobs and internship opportunities in Washington DC.

Volunteer opportunities with the State Partnership Project. They'll put you in contact with an organizer or your state party, and you can work directly with them to start change in your own neighborhood.

Jobs and internships at DSCC in Washington D.C., and senate campaign positions.

Job, internship and clerkship opportunities at various locations around the country.

Jobs and internships at Emily's List, as well as training and campaign jobs nationwide.

The FMF has part-time and full-time internship opportunities in their Washington D.C and Los Angeles offices.

Washington D.C. jobs and what they call "the coolest internships, ever".

Comprehensive listing of "on-the-hill" and "off-the-hill" political jobs.

Full-time internships offered anytime, year-round, based on availability. Positions in Washington, D.C.

Jobs and internships in their New York and Washington DC offices.

Listing of jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities with non-profits and community organizations, government agencies, social enterprises and businesses who consult with and supply non-profits.

IPAS posts job and internship opportunities for its Chapel Hill, North Carolina office.

The foundation lists jobs and fellowships for their office in Brooklyn, N.Y.

NARAL Pro-Choice America has full and part-time paid and unpaid intern positions. Positions are in Washington DC and nationwide.

Jobs and internships in Washington D.C.

Jobs in D.C., Boston MA and Oakland CA with campaign and org technology.

NOW has job, internship and volunteer opportunities at their National Action Center in Washington, D.C.

Political job hunt at the Political Wire. One of the best listings of political jobs around the country, however its also full of non-political jobs.

Progressive organization based in Washington D.C. with jobs and paid fellowship opportunities

Roll Call is a non-partisan publication that covers the people, politics, process and policy on Capitol Hill. Their job listing covers many different political organizations in the D.C. area.

Jobs in Washington, D.C. and nationwide.

Job and internship opportunities in Washington DC and nationwide.

Simply Hired's page of Democratic Party jobs at the national, state and local levels.

A listing of the top 15 most popular job search sites. Note: These are well-known job search websites, however the top 4 sites simply gave results for job postings on Democratic Gain (.com).

Jobs and internships with Senate Democrats' offices and committees in Washington, D.C.

* Be sure to view current vacancies with the Senate Employment Bulletin link.

Internships in Washington D.C working on a wide variety of projects.

The Women's Law Project has job, internship and volunteer opportunities their offices in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Job board with nationwide positions for activist-minded jobseekers with leading nonprofit organizations and progressive campaigns.

Volunteer, internship and employment opportunities in Washington D.C., New York, and Florence, Italy.

Jobs in Washington D.C. for a political consulting firm "that specializes in strategy, political direct mail, print and digital advertising for issue advocacy, Democratic candidates and ballot initiative campaigns".