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About Us

Jo came to live in Kenya almost 20 years ago. She originally obtained a qualification in Design, but decided that a lifetime in a UK design office didn't seem appealing! So, she took took off to travel the world and she's never looked back. She originally thought she'd travel the world - but Africa got into her blood and she got as far as Kenya and stayed there ever since.

Jo loves a challenge, and enjoys putting her knowledge about Kenya in a clear accessible way. Kenya has so much to offer it's hard to know where to begin: beaches, mountains, wide, open savannah full of rare and exotic animals, tropical rainforests and beautiful people. "It's a lot of fun meeting new and interesting clients every day. Each one is passionate about the business they run, and so there's never a dull moment!" She finds that since starting work with technology environment, it's been fun to develop her writing, photographic and technical skills. By working closely with local businesses, and using various online strategies, Sunbird provide a powerful and effective online presence to suit any budget; from a small one man show, to multinational giants.

Although she still loves to travel,  Jo and her two daughters love living in a climate where the sun shines each and day and where wide open spaces are easily found.