Sunbeom So (소순범)

PhD Student
Software Analysis Laboratory,
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering,
College of Informatics, Korea University
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  • 2016.09 ~ present,   Combined course. Dept.of Computer Science, Korea University
  • 2011.03 ~ 2016.08,   B.S. Dept. of Computer Science, Korea University (graduation with Top honors)
About me
  I am a PhD student in Software Analysis Laboratory, advised by Prof.Hakjoo Oh. I always try to expand my learning and discover new knowledge.

Research Interests
  • Program Synthesis
  • Program Analysis
  • Automated Logical Reasoning

  • Automatic Diagnosis and Correction of Logical Errors for Functional Programming Assignments
          Junho Lee, Dowon Song, Sunbeom So, and Hakjoo Oh
  • Synthesizing Pattern Programs from Examples
          Sunbeom So, and Hakjoo Oh
            [pdf] [slide] [code]
  • Synthesizing Imperative Programs from Examples Guided by Static Analysis
          Sunbeom So, and Hakjoo Oh
            [pdf] [slide] [code]
  • Synthesizing Regular Expressions from Examples for Introductory Automata Assignments 
          Mina Lee*, Sunbeom So*, and Hakjoo Oh (* co-first author)
            [pdf] [slide] [code]

Honors (Selected)
  I am grateful for funding my study.

  • 2016.10.30 ~ 2016.11.05, SPLASH, Amsterdam, Netherlands [pdf]
  • 2017.01.02 ~ 2017.01.29, Oxford University (visiting student), Oxford, United Kingdom
  • 2017.01.17 ~ 2017.01.21, POPL, Paris, France (selected as a participant in Student Research Competition)
  • 2017.08.27 ~ 2017.09.02, SAS, New York, USA [pdf]
  • 2018.07.12 ~ 2018.07.19, IJCAI, Stockholm, Sweden [pdf]