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Hello!  Welcome to my website.

Born in Kunigal, Karnataka June 17,1949-first child of Indiramma and Shamanna. Educated in Malgudi-like Gubbi and Tumkur and IIT Madras I have just managed to retain the sense of wonder in life. To Inquire into issues that emerge out of life (Physics included!). In the process exploring that fascinating world around us (electromagnetic essentially) with the eyes of a child, a poet, an aam admi (common man) and as someone who stopped growing after 21!

Married Prabha (MA Mysore, MEd Annamalai)- now a schoolteacher- in 1975. Only child Sumohana - educated in Mandya, Karnataka (BE), Tempe, Arizona USA (MS) and Austin, Texas USA (PhD) is now a practising Communications engineer. He and his wife Krupa (BE, Mysore) and their daughter Avani Upasana Kashyap(b.2009)currently live and work at San Diego, CA, USA.

Faculty in School of Physics, University of Hyderabad since 1981 I have immensely enjoyed working with MSc M Phil and PhD Students and this labour of love in Condensed Matter has resulted in twenty Masters and four Doctoral Thesis (and three in the pipeline). Over one hundred and fifty research papers (selected publications) is a testimony  and tribute to these students (What the heck! am I not a student?!)

Wonder and Inquiry saw the birth of Impertinent Questions (IQ) a monthly poster since 1991.The Explain bit you see. Interesting to find that it has become a habit among students.

I didn't have any special dream or bottomline except to retain that status of a drop of water on the lotus leaf...an humble Sanjaya of Bhagavad Gita...For I know that even in research one could practise Nishkaama karma