2035 Comprehensive Plan

Note - The files containing the Comprehensive Plan are being finalized and are no longer available at this time.

About the Comprehensive Plan - Sumner County's Blueprint to the Future

The 2035 Comprehensive Plan: Sumner County's Blueprint to the Future will be the county's collective effort to address anticipated and projected growth over the next 25 years.  The Comprehensive Plan will outline a long term vision for unincorporated Sumner County and detail objectives involving land use and transportation policies supportive of the vision.  Coordinating development
activities between the county's departments, municipalities, and regional entities and providing a context for local decision making will be enhanced with the plan.  Additionally, groups or individuals concerned with growth and development in the county will be informed of Sumner County's plan for the future. 

Stay Informed!

The Comprehensive Plan will assess past growth and development decisions in Sumner County, analyze projected growth trends, and outline multiple objectives involving a myriad of elements that impact growth and development decisions in Sumner County.  These elements might include housing needs, economic development, travel options, agriculture, stormwater concerns, utilities, schools, community character, and other components that impact the quality of life in Sumner County.  Community input and participation will guide the development process and the final plan. 

Status as of July 22, 2010

The entire draft document is now finalized.  No additional changes will be made except to numbering, formatting, etc. before the public hearing. 

A public hearing will be held on Tuesday, July 27, 2010, at 5 p.m. before the Sumner County Regional Planning Commission to consider adoption of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan. 

All comments related to draft sections of the Comprehensive Plan should be directed to:

Michael Briggs, AICP, County Planner
Sumner County Construction & Development Department
355 N. Belvedere Dr., Room 202
Gallatin, TN 37066
(615) 452-1467

Upcoming Public Input Opportunities

 Meeting  Time Location
July 27
Planning Commission Meeting & Public Hearing
5 pm
Sumner County Administration Building - Commission Chambers

Comprehensive Plan Document - DRAFTS

Please note that the outlined sections of the draft may be modified as development continues.  All files below are in PDFs.  Those sections with a FINAL DRAFT are mostly finalized and may have additional edits and formatting that will take place upon approval. 

A. Title Page - FINAL DRAFT - List of EditsOriginal - 0.4 MB

B. Adoption Resolutions - DRAFT

C. Acknowledgments - FINAL DRAFT

D. Table of Contents - FINAL DRAFT

E. Executive Summary - FINAL DRAFT

F. 1.0 Introduction - FINAL DRAFT - List of Edits - Original - 0.7 MB

G. 2.0 Existing & Future Conditions - FINAL DRAFT - List of Edits - Original - 1.4 MB

H. 3.0 Vision & Goals - FINAL DRAFT - List of Edits - Original - 0.5 MB

I. 4.0 Land Use - List of Edits
    Section 1 - FINAL DRAFTOriginal - 0.7 MB
    Section 2 - FINAL DRAFT - Original - 1.7 MB
    Section 3 - FINAL DRAFT - Original - 6.3 MB

J. 5.0 Transportation - FINAL DRAFT - List of Edits - Original - 5.1 MB

K. 6.0 Natural & Cultural Resources
- FINAL DRAFT (includes Section 1 & 2) - List of Edits
    Section 1 - Original - 2.4 MB
    Section 2 - Original - 5.5 MB

L. 7.0 Implementation - FINAL DRAFT - List of Edits - Original - 0.5 MB

M. Appendix A: Growth Projections & Trends - FINAL DRAFT

N. Appendix B: Overview of Public Input Opportunities - FINAL DRAFT - List of Edits - Original - 1.5 MB

O. Appendix C: Results of On-line Visioning Survey - FINAL DRAFT - List of Edits - Original - 1.6 MB

P. Appendix D: Results of On-Line Transportation Survey - FINAL DRAFT - List of Edits - Original - 0.4 MB

Q. Appendix E: Transportation Plan Projects - FINAL DRAFT - List of Edits - Original - 0.2 MB

R. Appendix F: Visual Preference Survey - FINAL DRAFT

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