Summoners War Monster Guide

Summoners war monster guide that can take you to levels

Monsters are the prime part of Summoners war. If any player assumes him as a summoner, it’s up to him to collect as many monsters by summoning from loot or scrolls. With the monsters collection, the players can create a team which he can use during a fight with opponents both during game or online. Every battle gives an experience, crystals or mana which can help in upgrading levels, evolving and also wakes up monsters. The Summoners War Monster Guide can assist the players a lot which states.

Summoners War Monster Guide

The monster properties: It is important to know about the strong monster properties since the beginning of the game, these attributes are inserted permanently in the monster that also effects and differs one monster to the other during battle. It consists of five main properties which are

·         Fire

·         Water

·         Wind

·         Light

·         And, Dark.


In the battlefield one monster may differ from one another one can be stronger or weaker, as it entirely depends upon the property factor which monster holds during the battle. The properties of monster can be easily judged as every attribute is represented by a different color.


1.       Fire monster: it is represented by a red color and they are the strongest over wind monsters but considered weak over water monsters.


2.       Water monsters: They are differentiated with blue color and are known well for their strength over fire monsters but comparatively weaker against wind monster.


3.       Wind Monster: it is represented by gold color and are considered weak against fire monsters but holds strength over water monsters.


4.       Light monsters: They are differentiated with a color of both gold and white and are known for both stronger and weaker points over Dark monsters, as they also do damage to dark monster but are little weaker compared to them. They are neither weaker nor stronger over water, fire or wind monsters.


5.       Dark monsters: these monsters are also weak and strong over light monsters. The attacks of dark monsters are stronger over light monsters but they prove to be weaker while defending the attacks of light monsters. They are neither weaker nor stronger over water, fire or wind monsters. They are represented with a color combination of purple and black.


The above Summoners War Guide tips and tricks can help any player to easily cross the different levels of onerous game.