NetZero Photos

Welcome to Summit NetZero Club! We are a club founded at Summit Charter Middle School, a middle school located in Boulder, Colorado. Our mission is to save the environment and change the amount of carbon emissions in the world. We do this in many ways, mainly by starting projects and funding micro loans. Some projects we have taken part in include planting 17 trees on our school campus, canceling the school's junk mail by phone, fax, and mail, making a documentary to help other schools start their own NetZero like clubs, and writing grants to get solar panels for our school. 

    We are a unique club in many different ways. First, our club is student run. Though teachers may help students with ideas, editing, or revising, most of the work NetZero do
es is motivated by the students. NetZero even was founded by a group of students, rather than a teacher. Also, we are one of the most influential clubs in Boulder Valley School District. We have talked to Boulder Valley School District's school board about getting Summit solar panels. Although our request was eventually denied, Boulder Valley School District started to think about the environment as a result of our actions. We also have helped our school, Summit Charter Middle School, with their environmental goals. Summit was one of the first "green star schools", meaning that we have a composting and recycling program. Also, we have suggested to our school board the idea of using geothermal heating to heat the school. Our request was taken quite seriously, and in the end, Summit incorporated this heating into their school. In our school's new additions, we influenced our school board to change their plans from being cost friendly to being environmentally friendly. Our new plans included a solar wall, geothermal heat, and denim insulation. 

Thank you for your interest in NetZero Club. Please feel free to explore our website.