Patient Testimonials

"I first began seeing Kirsten after being referred by a close friend to supplement our fertility treatment, back in 2010.  I have been a client of Summit Acupuncture every since.  Our fertility journey is an example of acupuncture's proven effectiveness.  Prior to seeing Kirsten, I had undergone gonadotropin drugs in order to become pregnant.  My last cycle resulted in 5 follicles and a twin pregnancy, that I eventually lost at 20 weeks.  That's what led me to Summit Acupuncture. 
I started Kirsten's IVF protocol and began weekly visits for 12 weeks prior to my egg retrieval.  I produced 28 follicles!  I continued treatment for the length of my pregnancy.  Acupuncture helped with my nausea, energy, and assisted in the 35 week long pregnancy of my twins.  I even had a bought of vaginal bleeding, and after seeing Kirsten, I stopped bleeding immediately.  With my first pregnancy, without supplementing acupuncture, I bled 13 of the 20 weeks.

My twins are now 4/12 years, and my monthly visits continue to help with my hormone imbalances, digestive issues, anxiety, energy, or any other aliments I may be experiencing at the time.  I completely trust SA, and I know Kirsten's vast knowledge has my best interest at heart.  She truly cares about each individual and is very conservative in her treatment; where some holistic practitioners advocate spending hundreds of dollars on supplements each month.

I never hesitate to share my experience with others about SA, and I truly believe in the healing benefits of Oriental Medicine.

Thanks again Kirsten, and all the wonderful staff at SA!"

"We have been receiving acupuncture for the past ten years. We have been treated for a variety of symptoms ranging from chemotherapy side effects, back pain, depression and anxiety, digestive issues, and allergies. We have had great success with acupuncture and cupping we have received at Summit Acupuncture"
Ed & Lisa A.

"In reflecting upon acupuncture treatment, Kirsten Van Nostran is both thorough and thoughtful. She listens, takes copious notes, and zeroes in on “what’s ailing us.” We are highly pleased and would (and do) recommend her to others. WE LOVE HER!"
Judy & Ken R.

"I am a long time sufferer of migraine headaches and I decided to give acupuncture a shot...I came across Summit Acupuncture while searching for a local practitioner, and I am so grateful to have found it.

First of all, Kirsten Van Nostran, the Clinical Director was so incredibly professional, yet equally warm and kind during my initial workup. She patiently and attentively listened to me as I described my concerns and medical history, and she took the time to explain the potential benefits of acupuncture and how my overall health and wellbeing may serve to benefit from the treatment. 

The treatment room was clean and at the same time, it was relaxing. After explaining the placement of the thin needles and what would happen, Kirsten dimmed the lights and allowed me to relax for 30 minutes...Afterwards, Kirsten came back with some reading material on acupuncture and we discussed my plan, which includes 6 weekly sessions, followed by a reevaluation based on my progress. 

The rest of the afternoon, I was so incredibly relaxed that I could barely stay awake or upright...I would suggest not planning a busy day after your first treatment because you may also experience something similar....I look forward to continuing my treatment plan, since I have already experienced less migraines this past week."
Soly Z.