other super duper bands you should check out
PANGEA - rock n' roll cancer-bait
THE MERRY CHRISTMAS BAND - indie collage rockers
JOYCE MANOR - xpopviolencex
WILDMOTH - plaguey basslines and chuzzin' guzzlin' rock
CALCULATOR - screamy feather cvlt
TINY LUNGS - national geographic rock, three jr.high drop-outs
GOD EQUALS GENOCIDE - hyphy yellas
BIG KIDS - heavy power rockbangers
SHINOBU - san jose punkpop kitties
TOYS THAT KILL - ass kick, name take, pedro
JOYRIDE - three or four make a family
Colossal Rex - too chill dankmo jams
HARD GIRLS - san jose b pumpin me hards
Leer - sjazz
Tough Stuff - long beach babi bounce
super duper labels and distros

LAUREN RECORDS - only the best
MUY AUTENTICO RECORDS - a couple of hard-ons
RECESS RECORDS - jammin' the stiffies
ASIANMAN RECORDS - mike park down
KEEP IT TOGETHER - midwest cassettexcore
OLHAR DE VIDRO - through the poopy shoot
KYEO SPEAKS - shitty