SUMMER VACATION is a band made up of four people. our persons stretch across Southern Calfornia from the San Gabriel Valley to Corona. two of us started playing music together in spring 2009, but that was a completely different band*obscure. three of us started playing together in fall 2009(birth of xsvx). four of us started playing together in winter 2010. we play kind of like a punk or something. there's melodic shit going on and upbeat boppin'-poppin' beats to get down wit. it's sorta fast but not really all the time you know, stuff. like, we get heavy sometimes but like with lots of harmony whatever. our songs have a lot of chords and we have to repeat them over and over. it's a musician thing whatever. sometimes we throw in sad parts because life also includes sad parts. sometimes we have funny parts b/c life is colored by the wonderful jokes everyday people share....everyday. it's good to learn how to laugh at all the sudden things that get us down in life. nice.

"super punk, ultra sadness"
sean plays guitar and sings // mark plays guitar and sings 
aaron plays drums and schemes // matt plays bass and loves the band
sonny died tragically on a boat 

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this section hasn't been updated in a while. the Hard Girls/Summer Vacation split 7" is finally here! we played a record release show at VLHS with them a few weeks ago and it was awesome. the next week we drove up to San Jose to play with The Great Albert Square and Hard Girls. wonderful 'n shit. blah blah blah this year was chill. hopefully next year will be chill too.
//confided on 12/24/12

tour was bangin'. thank you to chris for putting up with our shit and for taking such good care of us. thank you to all the bands, organizers, and friends/strangers who made every show really awesome. 
//confided on 7/31/12

SUMMER VACATION WEST COAST TOUR dates have been posted on this webpage. scroll above and check under the 'SHOWS' tab. very exciting stuff/things. please share the news with your friends or keep it to yourself and don't tell anyone. 

a 'teaser track' of our song "I'm Hard" from our upcoming split record w/ Hard Girls is streaming online and can be heard here. that's as close as you'll get to a preview.
//confided on 7/2/12

our dates and details have been announced for our WEST COAST REDEMPTION&FORGIVENESS JULY TOUR. we'll be playing shows up and down the west coast from 7/19 - 7/30. more details can be found here

LAUREN RECORDS has some new SV swag here
//confided on 6/4/12
new song 'SLIPPY' on KALI SOUND's compilation is streaming and can be downloaded for free.
check out this compilation of awesome punk bands all from California here
//confided on 5/16/12
HARD GIRLS / SUMMER VACATION split 7" record coming soon from Recess Records/Asian Man Records!!!
out hopefully this summer!!! we've recorded the songs and things are happening! i'm excited!!!!!!
check out the awesome San Jose HARD GIRLS here
//confided on 5/12/12