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Garden Supplies & AgriBusiness

The following are selected links to local garden supply, botanical nurseries, and eco-tourism companies:

Local Garden Supplies, Nurseries and Farmer Markets

Local EcoTourism & AgriTourism Sites

Ecotourism involves visiting fragile, and relatively undisturbed natural areas. It typically involves travel to destinations where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions. Check out the following ecotourism links for Summerton, Lake Marion, and the surrounding area:

AgriTourism usually involves things like buying produce direct from a farm stand or local farmers market, navigating a corn maze, picking fruit, feeding animals, or actually staying on a ranch or farm. Read more about South Carolina Farmers Markets and the growing South Carolina AgriTourism industry.

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The South Carolina Nature-Based Tourism Association (SCNBTA) currently estimates that outdoor recreation, including fishing, hunting, camping, bird watching, hiking and boating, generates over $18 billion in consumer spending, 4.7 billion in direct wages and $1 billion in state and local tax revenue.