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This page contains links to selected information that will introduce you to the Business side of Art, e.g. Management, Galleries, Marketing, Sales, Tools...

The 'Business of Art' involves dealing and handling art as though it is a commercial commodity. It encompasses the buying and selling of art, the valuing of art through appraisal, and working with galleries, art fairs, and dealers that market works of art. For those who study art for its aesthetic appeal or its reflection of society, the business end of the art world is somewhat unnerving.   

Art Business - Organizations & Companies
Art Business - News & Information
Art Business - Education & Training
Art Business - Tools & Technologies

There are currently 905,689 businesses in the US involved in the creation or distribution of the arts, employing 3.35 million people. This represents 4.42 percent of all businesses in the US and 2.15 percent of all employees. Art is big business.  - Creative Industries Report

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