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Gallery: Authors & Literary Art

The following are brief profiles on several of the authors that are current or past members of the Lake Marion Artisans. Collectively, they have written and published a number of books and articles - both fiction and non-fiction:

Vicki Wilkerson is an author of Southern Fiction, e.g. Sweet Tea and Time. Vicki is a native of Charleston and the Low Country of South Carolina. She recently moved to Summerton and is a welcome addition to our community of artisans. Visit her web site for more detail about her life and her works.


Peter Groen is a retired federal executive, author, and web developer. For more detail about his life and works go to the COSITech.Net web site. Peter primarily writes works of non-fiction and has written several textbooks, in addition to many other published articles. He is also the founder and editor of the Summerton Weekly News.


* Download and read "Summerton SC: Past, Present & Future", a free online eBook by Peter Groen published back in January 2016

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  • An author or writer is generally considered the originator of any written and published work, whether it be fiction or non-fiction.
  • Publishing is all about the editing, printing, marketing, and distribution of written works in books, magazines, newspapers, or online media.

Selected Resources for Writers: