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Gallery: Artisans

The following are brief biographies of each of the artists associated with the Lake Marion Artists Guild. Included are some examples of their works and links to their personal web sites:
  • Bernie McDonald is currently serving as the President of the Lake Marion Artisans Guild in Summerton, SC.  He is a former program manager and management consultant. Now that he is semi-retired, he is building a reputation as one of our better local photographic artists and has a number of his works on display at the Lake Marion Artisans gallery.
  • Wade Edwards is the owner of Wade Edwards Exhibitions, LLC, based in Summerton, SC. He is a noted professional
    whose art includes an array of both traditional as well as unique works involving many types of media and themes. Additionally, his business has provided affordable, high-quality custom picture framing for over 20 years. He offers art classes as well.
  • Peter & Kathy Groen - Peter is a retired federal executive, author, and web developer. His wife, Kathy, is also retired and has had a lifelong interest in art, e.g. paintings, ceramics, jewelry. They both live just outside Summerton, SC.
  • Marlise Guillerault is a former elementary teacher, graphic artist, and occupational therapist. While she is now semi-retired, she continues to pursue a range of varied life experiences. In addition to her oil and acrylic paintings, jewelry making, and experiments in graphic art, she is currently trying out new modalities in the art world, i.e. 3D fiber sculpture creations.
  • Bryan Hacker is a transplant from New Jersey who now lives and works in Summerton, SC. In addition to owning and operating the Wen Lily Cafe, Bryan is also an artist who has a number of paintings on display at the Lake Marion Artisans gallery. He is also quite active in numerous historical preservation activities in the town.
  • Nancy P. Foster began writing plays and songs 
    in 2nd grade. She received her BA from Wake Forest University and established a career in marketing and advertising. At Lowe's Companies, she became writer and producer of film and video commercials and won several national awards. Semi-retired, Nancy enjoys writing,watercolor painting and silk ribbon embroidery. She is the webmaster for the new Lake Marion Artisans web site.
  • Betty Hunter designs and produces exquisite jewelry with glass beads, wire, silver plate, silver clay and wet felting. In addition to her jewelry work, Ms. Hunter is also an accomplished mosaic artist. Many of her works are on display at the Lake Marion Artisans gallery in downtown Summerton, S.C.
  • Judy Latham is a retired school teacher from New Jersey. She has lived in Clarendon County now for over 10 years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Art degree from Kean University and William Patterson University. She has energetically pursued her love of the arts for over 60 years. Her areas of expertise are ceramics, painting and jewelry making.
  • Sharon Phelps was born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She now lives in North Santee on Lake Marion. Her artistic talents are many, witnessed by the quilts, dolls, sketches, glasswork and oil paintings that she has produced, many of which are on display at the art gallery.
  • Carole Shoemaker Swartz received her BFA from the College of the Dayton Art Institute and her MFA from George Washington University. Carole has exhibited her artwork in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the US.   Her work can currently be seen at the South Carolina Artisan’s Center in Walterboro, in addition to the Lake Marion Artisans gallery in Summerton, SC.
  • Vicki Wilkerson is an author of Southern Fiction, e.g. Sweet Tea and Time. She is a native of Charleston and the Low Country of South Carolina. Vicki recently moved to Summerton and joined the Lake Marion Artisans Guild, where she exhibits paintings and where her books are available.

* Short profiles on our other local artisans will be added over time.

Artist - This term generally describes those who create within a context of the 'fine arts'. This includes activities such as drawing, painting, sculpture, acting, dancing, writing, filmmaking, photography, music, and other new media. Artists are people who use imagination, talent, or skill to create works that may be judged to have some aesthetic value.

Examples of Our Artists' Works

Wade Edwards - See Portfolio

Marlise Guillerault

Kathy Groen

Wade Edwards

Jenny Dom

Bryan Hacker

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