The Lake Marion Artisans (LMAG) 'Membership Form' is saved in a pdf file format. You can download the file, fill it out, and either mail it to PO Box 541, Summerton, SC 29148, bring it by the Art Gallery, or email it to  The form is also available at the Gallery.

Levels of Membership

Primary Membership - Agrees to help maintain Gallery hours as needed each month, to serve on at least one committee, and may display and sell own creations with recommended donation for services to Gallery of 20% of sales.  Individual - $30   Family - $50

Student Membership - May exhibit and sell work if student assists in the Gallery. Is not required to sit, attend meetings or serve on a committee. Student - $15

Patron Membership 

            Silver Patron - Makes an annual donation of $50 or more. *Wants to support the arts in the community. *Does not display or sell creations.

            Gold Patron – Makes an annual donation of $100 or more. Is not required to maintain Gallery hours, but may exhibit and sell creations.        

Honorary MemberHas promoted the Guild or art in the community in an exemplary manner, is invited to be an Honorary member. Exempt from annual membership dues and participates as desired at the Primary Membership Level.


* Please choose a Membership level by circling title.
* By becoming a member you agree that you will not hold Gallery liable for injury or damage to self or property.

* We have no paid staff and rely on our members to participate in supporting the operations of the Gallery.
* We ask each Primary member to provide the following:.
                - Help staff the front desk each month during days the gallery is open.
May be more than once monthly.
                - Attend our regular monthly meetings, usually held on the third Thursday of every month at 3:30 pm.
                - Participate in and support the activity of at least one Artisan Guild committee.

With the agreement of the Gallery Manager, you may place your artwork in the Gallery for display or sale. Buyers will pay you individually and then we would appreciate a tax-deductible donation of at least 20% of the proceeds from you to the Gallery for space and services rendered.


If you find these conditions acceptable, please provide the following.

Name _________________________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address ________________________________________________________________________________

City________________________________________________________ State______________ Zip_____________

Phone#_________________________________________ Email__________________________________________

Signature  _________________________________________________________________      Date______________

Your application and membership fee will be recorded by the Treasurer and the Secretary will followup and contact you via email. Thank you for your interest.

Everyone who makes donations to the Gallery and leaves their mailing information will receive an annual notification of the total amount of their donations for tax purposes, along with our whole-hearted appreciation.

LMArtisans Gallery,
Aug 9, 2017, 8:57 AM