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More Than Just an Art Gallery!
Members of The Lake Marion Artisans Guild are art enthusiasts who actively promote and nurture the Arts in our community. Our endeavors provide channels of public recognition to local Artisans, celebrating their rich diversity through community projects that exhibit their talent. Our Gallery's primary function is to generate funds for us to be able to afford our various community enhancement projects. However, sales do not result in enough money to fund all of our projects, so our local community generously donates to our non-profit organization. 
See Guild Bylaws

"Our mission is to support the arts, advance art education and encourage an appreciation for arts and crafts in the Lake Marion region." Our goals are to:
  • Promote the work of South Carolina artists and crafts people
  • Develop new talent from all segments of the community
  • Offer programs that provide training to the public in various arts and crafts
  • Schedule arts and crafts entertainment events for the public
  • Use art as a means to improve the education of our children, promote a greater sense of community and enhance economic development.
Both visual and performing artists, as well as those who appreciate the arts, are welcome to become members. Works are on display in the Lake Marion Artisans Gallery located in downtown Summerton, SC.  Gallery hours are currently limited to:
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 11 am-3 pm

President - Bernie McDonald
Vice-President - Marlise Guillerault
Secretary -  Judy Latham
Treasurer - Mary Wilson
Publicity - Nancy Foster, Wade Edwards
Gallery Operations- Sharon Phelps
Special Events- Betty Hunter

Lake Marion Art Gallery
108 Main Street
Summerton, SC  29148

If you would like to suggest new material or links to be added to this web site, please email lakemarionartisans3@gmail.com

The Lake Marion Artisans would like to thank Peter Groen  of COSITech.Net for his detailed and in-depth work in constructing our website while we played with our paints, clays, stain-glass, beads and wool fibers!

"Art wears many masks, often unrecognized,
but still brilliant, enlightening our world" M.L.P.G.

Peter Groen,
Jun 19, 2017, 6:49 AM