• Summer English Teaching Program in China 小城義教


    Since its inception in 2005, this voluntary programme has been organized by Mr. David LIM 林泗維 (alias DAVID See Wai LAM), the former Director of Campus Development of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and his wife Mrs. Molly LIM 阮惠貞, former Deputy Principal of Marymount Primary School, Hong Kong in their personal capacity. 

    Volunteers came from countries all over the world. So far we have volunteers of some 26 nationalities including American, Australian, Austrian, British, Canadian, Chilean, Colombian, Dutch, German, Hong Kong, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mainland Chinese, Malaysian, Mexican, New Zealander, Philipino, Russian, Singaporean, Spaniard, Swedish, Swiss , Taiwanese and Vietnamese; from university students to professors, retired teachers to senior administrators, professional engineers, architects, and lawyers. The programme opens to all and since 2008, it has been working closely with the Office of Summer Programme of CUHK for the recruitment of volunteers. The programme aims to help Chinese village children aged 8 to 12 in establishing their confidence in English speaking and social courtesy. It started in Xibin in Jinjiang area of Fujian Province and had been extended to Baoshan in Chaozhou area of Guangdong Province during 2010-2015. 


    Joining this programme, besides gaining experiences in teaching English to Chinese village children, you will have the  opportunity to appreciate local culture firsthand. As each pair of volunteers will be teaching a class of around 20 – 25 children, the number of children who can take part in this programme depends on the number of volunteers. The enthusiasm of the children and hospitality of the villagers really are great gifts to anyone willing to be involved. Also, there are weekend tours to nearby scenic spots including Xiamen, Gu Lang Yu (Piano Island), and Quangzhou; visits to the Overseas Chinese History Museum and the Maritime Museum for Fujian Group, visits to Kai Yan Temple, Xiang Zhe Bridge, Han Scholar Temple for Chaozhou Group and enjoying culture activities such as tea house and local opera (Ninyin and Chaozhou Music). On the way back to Hong Kong, there may have a visit to the world cultural heritage Tulou (土樓, Earthen Round Mansion) which was mistaken as China’s missile base by NASA of USA in the 1960s.


    Volunteer work is a gift to give. Your participation is crucial for the success of this programme.


    Join us now!



    Mr. David Lim 林泗维

    born in Xibin, Jinjiang, Fujian, China, came to Hong Kong to join his mother in early 1960’s after completed primary education in the local village school. He struggled hard to survive in an unimaginably poor condition and difficulty in learning English from abc in secondary school. At the verge of dropping out, he was inspired by a university professor in a talk show overheard from a neighbors radio that the purpose of language was for communication; focusing on getting understand and be understood was more important than fretting over grammar and vocabularies. Eventually he entered Hong Kong University to study Architecture and received a scholarship from the Hong Kong Institute of Architects. During his University study, he received a sponsorship from USA Government for Educational Study Tour to Stanford University, University of California Berkeley, University of California Los Angeles, California State University, Portland University and Washington University.

    Mr. Lim is a member of the Board of Trustees of New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, former Chairman of Man Kiu Association, & Supervisor of Man Kiu College and Manager of Delia (Man Kiu) English Primary School in Hong Kong. He is also a member of the HKSAR Appeal Tribunal Panel (Buildings), and a former member of the Geotechnical Engineers Registration Committee, & the structural Engineers Registration Committee, Special Administration Region of Hong Kong.

    In the same year of setting up the Summer English Teaching Programme, he established a scholarship in The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Scholarship and Bursary in name of his parents in his alma mater village school in Xibin . So far, the Scholarships and Bursary have benefitted over 600 students of primary and secondary schools, and universities.

    In 2013, when he was appointed a member of the Management Board of Man Kiu College in Hong Kong, he set up another scholarship "The star of Man Kiu "閩僑之星" for the Man Kiu students admitted to degree courses in the universities in Hong Kong.


    林泗維先生生於福建晋江西濱村。 六十年代從鄉下到香港與母親團聚。 成長環境極為窮困初學英語十分困難。在輟学邊沿幸得鄰居收音機傳來港大教授啟發學習英語不必拘泥於文法及詞彙而是作為溝通的工具,令人明白傳達的意思。 加倍努力下最終入讀香港大學建築系而且獲得香港建築師學會獎學金及美國政府的贊助到美國西岸多間名校交流包括史坦福加州柏克萊大學,加州洛杉機大學華盛顿大學等。