Welcome to Writing 105

WRT 105 is an introduction to academic writing that focuses on the practices of analysis and argument, skills that carry across disciplinary lines and into professional and civic writing. These interdependent practices of critical inquiry and production will be fundamental to the work you will do as college students and later in your careers and civic engagements. This course will help you develop a critical sense of the enormous impact that rapidly advancing technology has had and continues to have on identities – the ways in which we understand ourselves – and on our interpersonal and social relationships.

It’s undeniable that today’s job market demands comprehensive training in visual, digital and electronic literacies; this course will combine contextual awareness with opportunities to actively work with and within electronic interfaces. As we concentrate on developing skills in analysis and in argument, we will practice and hone these skills as consumers and as producers of both print and digitally-borne media.

Check out the Sitemap in the Navigation Menu to the right to explore the site. It will grow throughout the duration of the course to include many more webpages, most of which will be created and designed by you.