The Summer School of Making 2016 brings together academics and industry people from across the world. All of them are experts in their field, prototyping technique, suppliers and materials needed. They'll all offer you a hands-on session during our program.


// Bart Grimonprez, service contact for companies when it comes to prototyping. Howest Industrial Product Design // Protolab // Prototyping event (annual)  
// Tine De Ruysser, designer at Tine De Ruysser
// Lieven Standaert & Kurt Van Houtte at Fablab Brussels
// Cesar Vandevelde & Jelle Saldien, teaching at UGent Industrieel Ontwerpen and founding fathers of social robot ONO


// Sep Verboom, designer of great objects with social impact at Livable Products
// Ruben en Servaas, designers of public space and social interaction at Bolwerk
// Mark & Lucien, awesome wood workers in Belgium at Flemish Guild of Wood Turners  
// Annelies Weinberger, jewelry philosopher at Annelies Weinberger  


// Woodshop Willy Vanhoutte
// Flanders Knowledge Area - Study in Flanders platform www.studyinflanders.be