If you'd like to hear from some of our past students, check out the testimonials below.

"I really enjoyed and learned heaps of experiences in the Summer Learning Journey! I loved every activity even the ones that I found challenging!! But anyways, I really want to say THANK YOU & YOUR TEAM SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING AND BUILDING A FUN/AMAZING BLOGGING PROGRAM! My best friend and I love the blogging program you guys created! You guys should be proud of yourself and also you guys is family! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WINTER LEARNING JOURNEY!! I know you guys took your time and commented on every post throughout the 12 schools and I thank you for that!"

Lusia - Year 8

"I would say the thing that I have learnt from my travel [in the Summer Learning Journey programme] is how the Australian people celebrate their national day. I also learnt about music and arts. I went to the zoo and I had an elephant ride. I took a picture with a python. I fed giraffes and I also learned about the Great Barrier Reef. I made videos about my summer activities I interviewed my brother. I learned about the big landscapes in Australia. I also made my own national holiday. I learned three interesting facts about Hillary Clinton. I watched Australian shows. I also learned about Richie Macaw and much more. I learned what Australian people eat for breakfast. The Summer Learning Journey was a great holiday activity. I learned lots from this program especially about Australia and this program kept me entertained throughout the holidays. I wish that this program carried on for a long time."

Alex C. - Year 7

"Hello Viewers! Today at assembly the lovely Rachel Williams, the one who owns the Winter and Summer Learning Journey, programme came to Pt England! Rachel came to Pt England because she was handing out prizes and certificates to the people who participated in the blogging challenge. I was so lucky that I placed first in the blogging challenge. There were also other kids who won 2nd place tie and 3rd place tie. I was so excited when the prize was given to me! I won a lot of New Zealand goodies! I even won my own scarf which will keep me warm since it's very chilly in Auckland. I'd like to thank Rachel for all the prizes!  If you would like to join this amazing holiday programme which will come up very soon, (I think it's the Summer Learning Journey) you can register there and do learning over the holidays! You can earn lots of points and if you’re lucky you might win! Trust me it is so cool!"

Amelia - Year 6

"Thank you for all your lovely, kind comments. I really appreciate your kindness, happiness and fun-ness. Next year I will join you for holiday blogging no matter what. I will still find a way to join holiday blogging…Thank you for bringing holiday blogging to our school. I really want to join now. You made my holiday so happy."

Madison - Year 5

"Kia ora Rachel, You deserve a shout out for creating such an awesome blogging programme! I can't wait until you come to my school in Term 3! I am so excited. Yes! I did enjoy this year's topic for the Winter Learning Journey! I loved learning about different facts about New Zealand and much more. It was fun! I also look forward to the Summer Learning Journey. I wonder what the topic is going to be for summer! Can't wait."

Mitchell - Year 8

"Thank you so much for putting on the Summer Learning Journey programme and coming to Pt England School. Also I would like to say a big thank you for checking out my blog and writing lovely nice, kind comments about my work. Thank you for everything. I really appreciate your kindness. I will join in next year if there is one…Thank you Rachel Williams for everything you have done for our school and myself."

Lillyana G - Year 5

"Thank you for letting me be a part of the Winter Learning Journey programme. It has been an amazing adventure and I can’t wait to join next time. Rachel, your idea for the Winter Learning Journey is an amazing idea. I am getting smarter and smarter every day. Thank you for giving me an opportunity and thank you for doing holiday blogging at my school. BYE BYE!"

Leilani - Year 5

"In the summertime, I am usually on my computer playing games or doing the Summer Learning Journey. One of my favorite activities during summer is definitely doing the Summer Learning Journey. Most people probably think doing something that is similar to work during the holidays is boring but it can be interesting and you can learn lots of different things you can do during the school holidays. I have participated in the Summer Learning Journey twice so far. I decided to participate in it because I had nothing to do so I was really bored. Once I finished the first activity, I decided to just keep on doing it. The two Summer Learning Journey programmes were about countries. In the first one, I chose the United Kingdom and I learnt about four countries that the United Kingdom is made up of (Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England). On the second Summer Learning Journey programme, I decided to choose Canada as my country. I learnt that, while most New Zealanders probably eat cereal for breakfast, Canadians enjoy eating pancakes and maple syrup. I really like doing the Summer Learning Journey programme as it's a great idea to help students to learn over the holidays."  

Daniel - Year 8


A teacher from Pt England School shares his experience with the Summer Learning Journey.

"Over the summer holidays a total of 52 learners from our school interacted with the SLJ [Summer Learning Journey], organised and run by Rachel Williams and her team.  Over the 6 week holiday Rachel created blogging tasks for our learners to work on from home.

The blogging activities offered engaging and meaningful tasks that required critical thinking and research skills. Every blog post was commented on by at least 1 adult, but Rachel's team more than often engaged in meaningful back and forth dialogic conversations with the learners, via their blogs.

The craziest part of the whole Summer Learning Journey was that I as the classroom teacher, didn't have to do a thing! The kids interacted with the content, and with SLJ team completely independently. In fact, while all this was going on, my laptop sat gathering dust at home while I travelled the beautiful country of Thailand. Every time that I did log into my emails from my phone, I was bombarded with hundreds of Blog-post and comment notifications from my learners, which was unreal!

Although it is only the second week back, I have already noticed a difference in the readiness and focus for learning between my learners who blogged in the holidays, and those that didn't. I eagerly await their PAT and running record results after testing week." 

Teacher - Pt England School


Please read below for two (unsolicited) examples of parent feedback provided in January 2018.

Dear SLJ team,

Thank you so much for organising the summer learning programme. [Name removed] loved engaging with it over the summer and it definitely kept her brain active over the 

holidays. She was so excited to receive all the lovely gifts you sent to her new school. Thank you so, so much for them. Keep up the wonderful work! 

Dear Rachel,

…I'd like to say how much fun [name removed] is having doing these blogs! He’s up to the activities about WW1 and he’s spent so much time today reading through the links provided and relaying facts he finds interesting and then even researching it further.. I think this is going to be his favourite activity so far. It's amazing how much he is learning. We started this journey to improve his writing skills over the holidays and I'm thrilled with his progress already! It's an awesome programme!