This page contains links to websites that will help you find information that you can use for the Summer Learning Journey. Further down, you will also find general educational resources for students, parents and teachers.


  1. Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand lets you search for information, stories and pictures relating to all aspects of life in New Zealand. This will be really helpful as we take our journey back in time!

  2. New Zealand History's site about the 19th Century will be really helpful for the week 2 activities.

  3. New Zealand History also have a great site that gives you an overview of the First World War. You can learn more about New Zealand’s involvement in the war, and about Victoria Cross medals.

  4. NZ On Screen have created a great documentary about what life in New Zealand was like during the 1930s.

  5. One of the things that makes the Summer Learning Journey so special, is that you can share your learning with other students around the country! Click here to be taken to the Twitter feeds of all six clusters. You will be able to see when any of the students from these clusters posts to their blog.

  6. Click here to learn how to write quality comments on the blogs of others. Remember, each quality comment is worth 2 points!


  1. We have some great blogging activities here at the Summer Learning Journey, but if you want to keep learning while you're out in the great outdoors, check out our friends over on the Wild Eyes website! They've created some exciting nature-based missions for you to complete and things that you can make.

  2. Kiwi Kids News - This is an online newspaper written for primary and intermediate school students. It is full of interesting stories and is worth a look!

  3. If you have an Auckland Libraries card, you can click here to access their homework support services.

  4. Draw and Tell is a cool app made by Duck Duck Moose that you can download to your Apple device. It lets you draw and record your own stories that you can share with your friends and family.

  5. Quick Draw is a super fun doodling website. See if the computer can guess what you've drawn before the clock runs out!

  1. The Learning@Home website was created by the Manaiakalani Evaluation team at the Woolf Fisher Research Centre (University of Auckland). It has information and resources that can help parents support children in their learning at home.

  2. Reading Rockets blog site lists 11 different ways that you can help improve your child's literacy skills.

  3. Check out the Manaiakalani Cybersmart page to learn more about being Cybersmart, and encouraging your children to make smart decisions when they're online.

  1. iBooks Author lets your write and distribute your own textbooks.

  2. Looking for a fun way to promote good behaviour in the classroom? ClassDojo is free to use, and lets you award points to students for things like asking thoughtful questions, and completing homework on time. You can also set up a weekly report to parents.