Be a Cyber Ninja

The kids at Stonefields School have created an awesome video about how to be a Cyber Ninja!

This includes tips like always keeping your password and other personal information private when posting online. 

Anything you post to the internet can be permanent and viewed by anyone, so it's important to be Cybersmart.

Part of creating a positive digital footprint, is making
 sure that posts and comments we make are positive, thoughtful and helpful. 

We hope that you use the 
Summer Learning Journey as an opportunity to connect with learners all over the country. You can read their blogs and leave comments. Not only will your comments help them with their learning, but each quality comment is worth 2 points! 

To learn how to write quality comments, 
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Create a positive digital footprint


                      CyberSmart_ The Game (Master drawing).jpg

Thank you to James Hopkins for sharing this Cybersmart game with us!

Play the Cybersmart game and complete the activities to learn how to make good decisions when you're online. You will need one die to play (or you can use the dice generator on the webpage).

For more information about being Cybersmart visit the Manaiakalani Cybersmart site.