Integrating Web 2.0 Tools August 12, 2009

Introduction - Good morning everyone. My name is Paula Naugle.
I teach fourth graders math and English at Bissonet Plaza. My #1 hobby is learning technology. (Does that make me a geek? LOL)
I have been in this profession for thirty-three years. (Does that make me old?) That's enough about me - this session is about you. Get ready, because today YOU become a blogger.
Directions: Please read the goals. You may work on agenda item #1 and #2 while we wait for everyone to get settled. I will begin in less than 5 minutes.
Goals for this session: (TPW = The participate will)
1.  TPW add their information to the session survey.
2.  TPW set up a blog using the Blggger platform.
3.  TPW add their blog to the group spreadsheet.
4.  TPW add their first post to their blog.
5.  TPW add a link, photo, or video to their blog.
6.  TPW post a comment to someone else's blog.
7.  TPW add to brainstorming - how to use a blog in class.
8.  TPW learn about Nings.
9.  TPW join a Ning.
10.  TPW view my eBoard.
11. TPW locate their eBoard page.
12. TPW link their blog to their eBoard.
13. TPW ask questions, collaborate, laugh and HAVE FUN!
Agenda for this session :
1. Please complete this survey.

2. Early finishers can check out some blogs listed on the right.

3. Watch the video Blogs in Plain English.
4. Watch this short video on how to set up a blog using Blogger.

5. Use this presentation to help you set up a Blogger account.
6. Everyone can add their blog to this survey.

7.. Create first short, post about one of these topics.
  • What I Learned Today
  • How I Will Use This Blog
  • My Favorite Book
  • My Favorite Website
  • Your choice
8. Add a link, picture, or video to your post. (See attachments below)
9. Write on a Post-It one way to use a blog with your class.
10. Watch Ning PPT and be ready to answer - What is a Ning?
11. Join a Ning.
12. Look at my eBoard.
13. Locate your eBoard and add a link to your blog on your eBoard page.

Check out these blogs. (My classroom blog) (My professional blog)


Check out these Nings:

Check out my eBoard: {Click on Faculty Tab then scroll down to Ms. Naugle note.)

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