Welcome to Summerdog Farm!

Summerdog Farm is a small, family-owned farm on the eastern edge of Boulder County, Colorado. On a little over four acres, we grow vegetables organically and raise Lamancha dairy goats and chickens.

The site has bee
n farmed for many years and has nice loamy soil.  There is a main farmhouse, a small brick milk house, and a barn, all built around 1904.  The farmhouse is an example of the American foursquare style and one of the few homes of its kind in Boulder.

The farm is on a hill that looks out over white capped mountains, the city below, and the rolling hills of neighboring farms and open space.  We feel fortunate to be here and to be able to grow healthy and delicious food in such a beautiful setting.

If you'd like to contact us, please write summerdogfarm@gmail.com.

Venus is in charge of the barnyard