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u       Cynthia Brown, The Shaping of History and Poetry in Late Medieval France                                                  $18.95

u       David Fein, A Reading of Villon’s Testament (**)                                                                                                     10.95

u       Karen Fresco, Wendy Pfeffer, eds., “Chançon legiere a chanter”: Essays on Old French Literature in

                                Honor of Samuel N. Rosenberg                                                                                                              59.95

u       Yvonne LeBlanc, Va Lettre Va:  The French Verse Epistle (1400-1550)                                                                 41.95

u       Norris Lacy/Gloria Torrini-Roblin, eds., Continuations:  Essays on Medieval French Literature

                                and Language in Honor of John L. Grigsby                                                                                        35.95

u       Norris Lacy, Reading Fabliaux (2nd edition)**                                                                                                         29.95

u       Elizabeth Poe, From Poetry to Prose in Old Provençal                                                                                            16.95

u       David P. Schenck and Mary Jane Schenck, eds., Echoes of the Epic: Studies in Honor of

                                Gerard J. Brault                                                                                                                                        39.95

u       Margaret Winters, Jean Renart’s Le Lai de l’ombre (critical edition)                                                                      16.95


u       Ehsan Ahmed, The Law and the Song: Hebraic, Christian, and Pagan Revivals in Sixteenth-Century

                                France                                                                                                                                                         42.95

u       Barbara Bowen, One Hundred Renaissance Jokes:  A Critical Anthology                                                           21.95

u       Barbara Bowen, ed., Rabelais in Context: Proceedings of the 1991 Vanderbilt Conference                           39.95

u       Régine Reynolds-Cornell, ed., International Colloquium Celebrating the 500th Anniversary

                                of the Birth of Marguerite de Navarre                                                                                                  34.95


u       Amy de Graff, The Tower and the Well:  A Psychological Interpretation of the Fairy Tales of

                                Madame D’Aulnoy  (**)                                                                                                                          12.00

u       Van Kelly, Pascalian Fictions:  Antagonism and Absent Agency in Pascal’s Wager and  Other Pensées     38.95

u       Louis MacKenzie, Jr., Pascal’s Lettres provinciales:  The Motif and Practice of Fragmentation                     24.95

u       Elise Noël McMahon, Classics Incorporated: Cultural Studies and Seventeenth-Century

                                French Literature                                                                                                                                     41.95

u       M. J. Muratore, Cornelian Theater:  The Metadramatic Dimension                                                                     23.95

u       Buford Norman, Touched by the Graces: The Libretti of Philippe Quinault in the Context of French

                                Classicism (**)                                                                                                                                          38.95

u       Nancy M. O’Connor, De sa propre main: Recueils de choses morales de Dauphine de Sartre,

                                 marquise de Robiac (1634-1685)                                                                                                        54.95

u       Sylvie Romanowski and Monique Bilezikian, eds.,  Homage to Paul Bénichou                                                   44.95

u       Harriet Stone, Royal DisClosure:  Problematics of Representation in French Classical Tragedy                  23.95

u       Constant Venesoen, Etudes sur la littérature féminine au XVIIe siècle:  Mademoiselle de Gournay,

                                Mademoiselle de Scudéry, Madame de Villedieu, Madame de Lafayette                                      29.95

u       Philip Wadsworth, Molière and the Italian Theatrical Tradition (2nd printing)                                                16.95


u       Guillemette Johnston, Lectures poétiques: La Représentation poétique du discours théorique

                                chez Jean-Jacques Rousseau                                                                                                                  39.95

u       Catherine Montfort, ed., Literate Women and the French Revolution of 1789                                                     45.95

u       Philip Stewart, Rereadings:  Eight Early French Novels (**)                                                                                  17.00

u       Jonathan Walsh, Abbé Prévost’s Histoire d’une Grecque moderne: Figures of Authority on Trial                  46.95

u       Stephen Werner, Socratic Satire:  An Essay on Diderot and Le Neveu de Rameau                                            18.95

u       Stephen Werner, Blueprint:  A Study of Diderot and the Encyclopédie Plates                                                   34.95

u       Stephen Werner, The Comic Diderot: A Reading of the Fictions                                                                           43.95

u       Stephen Werner, The Comic Philosophes: Montesquieu, Voltaire, Diderot, Sade                                             41.95

u       Stephen Werner, The French Comic Imagination: From Rabelais to Céline                                                       38.95


u       Richard Bales, Persuasion in the French Personal Novel: Studies of Chateaubriand, Constant,

                                Balzac, Nerval, and Fromentin                                                                                                             34.95

u       Kathleen Bulgin, The Making of an Artist:  Gautier’s Voyage en Espagne                                                         18.95

u       Robert Godwin-Jones, Romantic Vision:  The Novels of George Sand                                                                 43.95

u       Kristof Haavik, In Mortal Combat: The Conflict of Life and Death in Zola’s Rougon-Macquart                    43.95

u       Anne Mullen Hohl, Exoticism in Salammbô:  The Languages of Myth, Religion, and War                               37.95

u       Kathleen Koestler, Théophile Gautier’s España                                                                                                       37.95

u       James Madden, Weaving Balzac’s Web: Spinning Tales and Creating the Whole of

                                La Comédie Humaine                                                                                                                                48.95

u       Brinda Mehta, Corps infirme, corps infâme:  La femme dans le roman balzacien                                               29.95

u       Stamos Metzidakis,  Repetition and Semiotics:  Interpreting Prose Poems                                                          33.95

u       Allan Pasco, Novel Configurations:  A Study of French Fiction (2nd edition) (**)                                            24.95

u       Charles Stivale, La Temporalité romanesque chez Stendhal                                                                                   27.95

u       Khama-Bassili Tolo, L’Intertextualité chez Mérimée: L’Etude des Sauvages                                                      48.95



 u       Jeanine Alesch, Marguerite Yourcenar: The Other/Reader                                                                                $48.95

u       Carol S. Altman, Enfance…inspiration littéraire et cinématographique                                                           56.95

u       Martine Antle, Théâtre et poésie surréalistes:  Vitrac et la scène virtuelle                                                       22.95

u       Roland Champagne, Literary History in the Wake of Roland Barthes (**)                                                        13.00

u       Laurel Cummins, Colette and the Conquest of Self                                                                                                  48.95  

u       Hélène Domon, Le Livre imaginaire                                                                                                                          45.95

u       John Dunaway, The Double Vocation: Christian Presence in Twentieth-Century French Fiction              37.95

u       Maryse Fauvel, Scènes d’intérieur: six romanciers des années 1980-1990                                                      42.95

u       Glenn W. Fetzer, Emmanuel Hocquard and the Poetics of Negative Modernity                                               38.95

u       Yvonne Hsieh, From Occupation to Revolution: China through the Eyes of Loti, Claudel,

                                Segalen, and Malraux (1895-1933)                                                                                                   39.95

u       Yvonne Hsieh, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt ou la philosophie de l’ouverture                                                         49.95

u       Christophe Lagier, Le Théâtre de la parole-spectacle: Jacques Audiberti, René de Obaldia et

                                Jean Tardieu                                                                                                                                            42.95

u       Pierre Lapaire, Montherlant et la parole:  Etude d’un langage dramatique                                                      33.95

u       Michèle M. Magill and Katherine S. Stephenson, eds., Dit de femmes: entretiens

                                d’écrivaines françaises (**)                                                                                                                  34.95      

u       Charles O’Keefe, A Riffaterrean Reading of Patrick Modiano’s La place de l’étoile: Investigating

                                the Family Crime                                                                                                                                     48.95

u       Janine Ricouart, Ecriture féminine et violence:  Une étude de Marguerite Duras                                             32.95

u       Kathryn Saint-Ours, Le fantastique chez Roger Caillois                                                                                        41.95

u       Paul Schwartz, Georges Perec:  Traces of His Passage                                                                                            24.95

u       Philip Solomon, Night Voyager:  A Reading of Céline                                                                                             26.95

u       Bruno Thibault, L’Allure de Morand:  Du Modernisme au pétainisme                                                                33.95

u       Pierre Verdaguer, La séduction policière: Signes de croissance d’un genre réputé mineur:

                                Pierre Magnan, Daniel Pennac et quelques autres                                                                         51.95

u       Kathryn Wildgen, Julien Green:  The Great Themes                                                                                              38.95

u       Kathryn Wildgen, A Thematic Concordance of Julien Green’s Journal                                                            35.95


u       Phillip Bailey, Proust’s Self-Reader: The Pursuit of Literature As Privileged Communication                      38.95

u       William Carter, ed., The UAB Marcel Proust Symposium                                                                                        25.95

u       Marie-Magdeleine Chirol, L’imaginaire de la ruine dans A la recherche du temps perdu de

                                Marcel Proust                                                                                                                                          41.95

u       Cynthia Gamble, Proust as Interpreter of Ruskin: The Seven Lamps of Translation                                         48.95

u       Pascal Ifri, Céline et Proust: Correspondances proustiennes dans l’œuvre de L.-F. Céline                           39.95

u       Jack Jordan, Marcel Proust’s A la recherche du temps perdu:  A Search for Certainty                                    30.95

u       Michèle Magill, Répertoire des références aux arts et à la littérature dans A la recherche du

                                temps perdu de Marcel Proust                                                                                                              38.95

u       Elizabeth Viti, Mothers, Madams, and “Lady-like” Men:  Proust and the Maternal                                         32.95


u       Safoi Babana-Hampton, Réflexions littéraires sur l’espace public marocain dans l’œuvre

                                d’Abdellatif Laâbi                                                                                                                                    43.95

u       Paula Ruth Gilbert (Lewis), The Literary Vision of Gabrielle Roy (2nd printing)                                                 33.95

u       Florence Ramond Jurney, Voix/es libres: Maternité et identité féminine dans la littérature antillaise         47.95

u       Janine Ricouart, ed., Relectures de Madeleine Monette                                                                                           42.95

u       Cheryl Toman, ed., On Evelyne Accad: Essays in Literature, Feminism, and Cultural Studies                       58.95

         Cheryl Toman, Contemporary Matriarchies in Cameroonian Francophone Literature: 'On est ensemble'  45.95


u       Gilles Mayné,  Eroticism in Georges Bataille and Henry Miller  (**)                                                                   24.95


u       Arthur Flannigan Saint-Aubin, The Disorders of Love:  Madame de Villedieu                                                     35.95

u       Renée Linkhorn, The Prose and Poetry of Andrée Chedid                                                                                        24.95

u       Mary Lou Martin, The Fables of Marie de France:  An English Translation (2nd printing)                              23.95

u       Elinor and Warren Miller, Frontiers (by Michel Butor) (**)                                                                                      17.95

u       James and Nancy Vest, The Poetic Works of Maurice de Guérin                                                                            43.95


u       Freeman Henry, ed., Twenty Years of French Literary Criticism:  FLS, Vingt ans après                                     44.95

u       Freeman Henry, Language, Culture, and Hegemony in Modern France (1539 to the Millennium)                 48.95

u       Joe Johnson, Once There Were Two True Friends: Idealized Male Friendship in French

                                Narrative from the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment                                                             48.95

u       Marie-Christine Koop, ed., France at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century (**) (3nd printing)                        33.95

u       Stamos Metzidakis, ed., Understanding French Poetry: Essays for a New Millennium

                                (2nd edition) (**)                                                                                                                                        33.95

u       Anna Norris, L’écriture du défi: Textes carcéraux féminins du XIXe et du XXe siècles                                          46.95

u       Clyde Thogmartin, The National Daily Press of France                                                                                              49.95

u       Metka Zupancic, ed., Hermes and Aphrodite Encounters                                                                                           54.95

u       Metka Zupancic, ed., Death, Language, Thought: On Gérard Bucher’s L’imagination de l’origine                    46.95

u       Metka Zupancic, Hélène Cixous: Texture mythique et alchimique                                                                           42.95


**indicates softbound edition   (édition brochée) 

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