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New Release 2009 (December)           Nouveauté (à paraître au mois de décembre 2009)


France in the Twenty-First Century : New Perspectives

La France au XXIe siècle : nouvelles perspectives


Marie-Christine Weidmann Koop and Rosalie Vermette




The twenty-first century is now underway, and it's time to look at France once again as it moves into the new millennium.  The current collection of essays explores cultural themes which are different than those in the editors’ earlier volume, La France à l’aube du XXIe siècle:  Tendances et mutations / France at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century:  Trends and Transformations, published in 2000 (Summa Publications; see Google Book Seach on home page).  Among the topics explored in this new volume are the presidential election of 2007, changing dietary habits, the condition of women, environmental policies, the economy, education, social mobility, young people, religion, as well as contemporary music, cinema, regional theater, and literature.  Articles on multiculturalism, the position of French in today’s world, and France in the European Union also provide the reader with provocative insights.  All chapters include extensive references (and web sites) and will be of interest to academics, teachers and students of contemporary French culture, and all Francophiles.  For the classroom teacher, additional cultural information and activities will be found on the editors' own home page; this material will be updated on a regular basis, thus facilitating the task of presenting a modern-day France that is continuously changing. 


Le XXIe siècle est bien entamé et il est temps de se repencher sur la France qui s’engage dans le nouveau millénaire. Le présent recueil explore des thèmes culturels différents de ceux du précédent, La France à l’aube du XXIe siècle: Tendances et mutations / France at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century: Trends and Transformations, publié en 2000. Parmi les sujets abordés ici figurent l’élection présidentielle de 2007, les changements dans les pratiques alimentaires, la condition des femmes, l’environnement, l’économie, l’éducation, la mobilité sociale, les jeunes, la religion, ainsi que la musique contemporaine, le cinéma, le théâtre régional et la littérature. La diversité culturelle, la place du français dans le monde et celle de la France au sein de l’Union européenne offrent également d’importantes perspectives. Les chapitres contiennent de nombreuses références et ne manqueront pas d’intéresser les universitaires, les enseignants et étudiants de culture française contemporaine, et tous les francophiles.  Des renseignements et des activités supplémentaires seront mis à la disposition des étudiants et des enseignants sur le site web des rédactrices, rendant ainsi moins onéreuse la tâche d'élucider les complexités d'une France en constante évolution.

Marie-Christine Koop is Professor of French and Chairperson of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of North Texas and President of the American Association of Teachers of French.  She has received a number of awards and honors, among which is the prestigious Ordre des Palmes Académiques. She has authored many articles and three critical studies that deal with aspects of contemporary French and Quebec society and the role of women in modern-day France; Rosalie Vermette is Professor of French at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.  She is a member of the Commission on Cultural Competence (American Association of Teachers of French) and regularly presents at professional meetings on cultural issues in contemporary France.  She has published studies on medieval French hagiography as well as medieval geography and Romance literature.


ISBN 978-1-883479-61-9 (1-883479-61-4), perfectbound, 348 pp.                                                 $36.95


New critical studies (2008): 

  • Safoi Babana-Hampton, Réflexions littéraires sur l'espace public marocain dans l'oeuvre d'Abdellatif Laâbi   ISBN 978-1-883479-57-2, hardbound, 226 pp.  (in French)                                        $43.95

          D'origine marocaine, Safoi Babana-Hampton est actuellement professeur d'études françaises et francophones à l'université de Michigan State aux Etats-Unis.  Ses recherches portent sur la condition féminine dans la littérature marocaine et maghrébine contemporaine.  L'un des fondateurs de la revue littéraire Souffles, le poète et romancier marocain, Abdellatif Laâbi, a joué un rôle prédominant dans l'évolution de la littérature marocaine de la dernière moitié du vingtième siècle.  C'est une étude critique qui s'adresse en particulier aux spécialistes de la littérature et culture marocaines.  Rédigée en français.

      This critical study deals with the important role played by Abdellatf Laâbi, a key figure of the New Francophone Moroccan literature that was born within the literary movement, Souffles, of which he was a guiding force and founder (1966-1972).  This movement was instrumental in shaping not only postcolonial Moroccan literature, but also the political culture of the country after its independence from France.  Professor Babana-Hampton analyzes a selection of Laâbi's novels in light of various conceptions of art that highlight their social and cultural dimensions.  Abdellatif Laâbi's major accomplishment was to engage literature in processes that were favorable to the emergence and development of a modern public sphere in postcolonial Moroccan society.  Written in French.

  • Freeman Henry, Language, Culture, and Hegemony in Modern France (1539 to the Millennium)

ISBN 978-1-883479-59-6, hardbound, 304 pp.                                                                              $48.95

         Freeman Henry is Professor of French at the University of South Carolina, Columbia.  He is the author of several books and numerous articles on various aspects of French literature, especially in the field of nineteenth-century studies.  In this panoramic study, Freeman Henry takes us from the Renaissance to modern times, analyzing the relationship between language, culture, and political hegemony in the evolution of French society.  This highly acclaimed work offers, among many other subjects, a penetrating analysis of les sourds-muets and les aveugles and their collective struggle to master the rudiments of communication.  This book will appeal to a wide variety of readers: those who are interested in the linguistic evolution of the French language, scholars who would like more information about the non-traditional fields of language acquisition with visually and auditorily handicapped children and adults, and general readers who would like an accessible vade mecum of how French language and culture rose to a position of eminence during the modern or post-Renaissance period.   "(This work) is an original, thoughtful, conceptually innovative synthesis and interpretation of a wide range of published scholarly findings.  What makes the study particulary new and interesting is its intertwining of the 'internal' history of French from the 16th century onward not only with the language's traditional 'external' history, i.e., the political and cultural context in which the language evolved, but also with the development in France of other areas of language consciousness, most strinkingly in the nation's approach to persons with the linguistic impairments of deafness or blindness..."  --Samuel Rosenberg, Professor emeritus, Indiana University, Bloomington.  "This examination of the history of the French language and its relationship to French culture is widely researched, thoughtfully organized, and terrifically provocative in its details... (Professor) Henry includes particularly rich chapters on the feminization of the French language and on the cultural concerns over the use of neologisms and English.  His insights into the similarities, rather than the differences, of Anglophones and Francophones set this work apart..."--Choice.

  • Cheryl Toman, Contemporary Matriarchies in Cameroonian Francophone Literature: 'On  est              ensemble'  ISBN 978-1-883479-60-2, hardbound, 200 pp.                                                       $45.95

          A thorough and elucidating overview of African matriarchies as reflected in the writings of selected Cameroonian Francophone female novelists.  Professor Toman attempts to define the concept of matriarchy in its multiple versions by means of an anthropological approach to African cultures. All French citations have been translated into English.  As Thérèse Kuoh-Moukoury, one of the authors examined in this study, states: "The number of texts in African literature is relatively small.  Yet, this literature has a major role in the contemporary world, a world of exchanges, of a blending of peoples and diverse cultures... The reading of this literature (multicultural in terms of its place in history and its means of operation) is initiatory in two ways: it represents a diversified journey towards other communities but also a foray into the collective or individual soul thirsting after justice, solidarity, and brotherhood.  This literature arouses hope and faith in the future of humanity."

         Cheryl Toman is Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She is the author of several translations, numerous articles, and the editor of a collection of essays in honor of Evelyne Accad, a well-known Lebanese Francophone novelist (On Evelyne Accad: Essays in Literature, Feminism, and Cultural Studies, Summa Publications, 2007).

Selected Backlist Titles:

Carlo François, Précieuses et autres indociles (in French)

     This study is a perceptive reassessment of the feminist movement in 17th-century French literature.  Professor François (who taught for many years at Wellesley College) discusses in depth the contributions of such major proponents of women's rights as Marie de Gournay, Honoré d'Urfé, Michel de Pure, Molière, the précieux mouvement itself, Madeleine de Scudéry, Mme de Sévigné, and others.  This work is of considerable interest to both the specialist and general reader who wish to learn more about the literary precursors of feminism in French society.  Easily accessible to the advanced under-graduate student as well as specialists in the field.

ISBN 978-0-917786-17-4, hardbound, 154 pp.    (1987)                                                                 $33.95*

Carlo François, Raison et déraison dans le théâtre de Pierre Corneille (in French)

      In this critical work, the creative accomplishments of the most versatile playwright of the Grand Siècle are analyzed in a detailed study that stresses the dichotomy of Reason and Un-Reason in several masterpieces.  Although Reason serves as a primary motivation for the main characters, it is the role played by Un-Reason (both constructive and destructive) that informs more aptly the Corneillian oeuvre.  The will to power and glory, passion, imagination, cruelty, violence, and sheer madness are examples of this primitive force, Un-Reason, that Professor François sets apart from the traditional love-duty duality of the dramas.  Cartesian reason and its analytical parameters are of little use in this dark universe of uncontrolable forces. "...Corneillian scholars will enjoy Professor François's book which is written elegantly in the form of a rhetorical dialogue with the reader and which has some challenging arguments..." -Modern Language Studies.

ISBN 978-0-917786-17-4, hardbound, 178 pp.     (1978)                                                                  $35.95*

Gerda Blumenthal, Thresholds: A Study of Proust

      In this study of the Proustian opus, Professor Blumenthal offers a phenomenological approach to reading in the Bachelardian tradition.  By taking experience itself as a "book" to be read, she first examines the more literal meaning of "reading," then progresses through other art forms and finally into those images toward which Proust's reaction is that of depicting the process of perception.  Blumenthal sees Proust as a Sensitizer of Life and its sensations instead of the effete and bookish symbolist he has so often been portrayed as being.  "Blumenthal's (...) persuasive argument should cause all Proustians to look at their favorite novel in a new light and with greater understanding."--French Review; "Thresholds forces us to look again at La Recherche... As such, it represents another major transatlantic contribution to Proustian studies." - French Studies(For other critical works on Proust, see our section "Marcel Proust Series" on this website.)

ISBN 978-0-917786-06-8, hardbound, 112 pp.  (1984)                                                                     $23.95*

Kathryn Wildgen, A Thematic Concordance of Julien Green's Journal

       Julien Green's Journal spans nearly the entire twentieth century and reflects the same great themes that function as leitmotive in his fiction and autobiographical works.  In this Concordance, each theme is first isolated and its references are then listed by the date on which they appear in the Journal.  An introductory essay outlines the importance of certain motifs in Julien Green's life, especially those early childhood memories that have heavily influenced his fictional oeuvre.  In addition to an exhaustive thematic codification, Professor Wildgen includes excerpts from the Journal which provide the reader with a practical overview of the major ideas of the artist.  This concordance is easily applicable to all successive editions of the Journal since entries are arranged by date and not page number. (This work is a companion piece to Dr. Wildgen's Julien Green: The Great Themes.  See elsewhere on this website.)

ISBN 1-883479-03-7 (978-1-883479-03-9), clothbound, 234 pp. (1994)                                        $39.95*

Régine Reynolds-Cornell,  Georgette de Montenay and the Emblèmes ou Devises Chrestiennes

      This study of emblematica in the works of Georgette de Monay brings to light the unique talents of the first French author to study Christian emblems and their literary and spiritual importance to the troubled era of the Renaissance in France.  Professor Reynolds-Cornell (formerly of Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia) introduces for the first time in English this singular but somewhat neglected work.  Richly illustrated with emblems taken from Emblèmes ou Devises Chrestiennes.  Well-suited for Renaissance specialists and readers from other disciplines interested in the emblematica of the period.

ISBN 978-0-917786-53-2, hardbound, 127 pp. (1987), illustrated                                                    $29.95*

John Nothnagle, Pierre Crignon: Poète et navigateur (in French)

     An anthology (with a biographical and critical introduction) of the poetry and narratives, in the Rhétoriqueur tradition, of the maritime expeditions undertaken by Pierre Crignon, friend and shipmate of Jean Parmentier, in sixteenth-century France.  Illustrated with reproductions of period maps of the various expeditionary routes and sites.  This book, although scholarly in nature, will be of considerable interest to Renaissance historians, ethnologists, and those interested in the Age of Exploration in France and Europe.

ISBN 0-917786-80-7, clothbound, 123 pp., illustrated (1988)                                                           $29.95*

Thomas M. Hines, Le Rêve et l'action; une étude de 'l'Homme à Cheval ' de Drieu la Rochelle (in French)

(This study was originally published with French Literature Publications Company)

     This is the first in-depth analysis of one of Drieu la Rochelle's major works--an allegorical novel of political intrigue which chronicles the rise to power of the fictional Bolivian strongman, Jaime Torrijos, in the latter half of the nineteenth century.  In keeping with certain modern critics, Dr. Hines sees L'Homme à Cheval as a transitional work between two fundamental stages of Drieu's development as an artist and political thinker.  Hines also argues the point that L'Homme à Cheval--long considered by critics to be outside the mainstream of Drieu's inner-focused style--must be redefined as a work of art that forcefully illustrates the writer's quest for self-unity in much the same manner as Drôle de voyage or Gilles.  "All in all, this (study) is a genuine contribution to our understanding of the complex and tragic figure that was Drieu la Rochelle." --John Cruischank, French Studies; "... an excellent study..." --French Review.

ISBN 0-917786-02-5, clothbound, 226 pp.  (1978)                                                                            $35.95*

Christine Raffini, The Second Sequence in Maurice Scève's Délie: A Study of Numerological Composition in the Renaissance

       Maurice Scève used only one verse form, the dizain or ten-line epigram, and incorporated emblems which divide the Délie at regular intervals throughout.  Having no true illustrative function, the fifty emblems signal instead the presence of an alternative arrangement of 444 of the 449 poems which constitute Scève's major work.  Thus D6, the first emblem poem, is also the key to the division by 37, which, upon analysis, reveals the diverse interrelationships found in the Délie's second, hidden sequence.  The correspondences in the 37 groups are primarily thematic but also involve syntax, rhyme, and even the emblems and their mottoes; moreover, while heightening the Délie's open-endedness, they confer upon Scève's work a three-dimensional quality reminiscent of the visual arts.  This critical study is illustrated with numerous reproductions of the original emblems from the Délie.

ISBN 0-917786-62-9 (978-0-917786-62-4), clothbound, 167 pp., illustrated (1988)                     $32.95*

Joseph Brami, Les Troubles de l'invention: Etude sur le doute poétique de Joë Bousquet (in French)

     This is a much-needed reappraisal of the works of this "heroic" 20th-century French poet whose intense suffering as a mutilé de guerre gave rise to a body of poems that mirror modern concerns with identity and literary discourse.  In the first part of this study, Professor Brami undertakes a thematic description of the writer-reader relationship as well as a definition of Bousquet's concept of the critical act; the second part centers on Bousquet's notion of "subject" and its opposition to its Cartesian counterpart; the third part stresses, through a close reading of Bousquet's art poétique, Capitales, the inherent contradiction which determines the relationship between silence and poetic speech.  Of particular interest to American and European literary theoreticians.

ISBN 0-917786-58-0 (978-0-917786-58-7), clothbound, 165 pp.   (1988)                                      $32.95*

Monique Yaari, Ironie paradoxale et ironie poétique: sur les traces de Gide dans 'Paludes ' (in French)

     This critical work is a significant contribution to the theory of irony, the specificity of which is illustrated through a close reading of Gide's Paludes in a largely new framework that has been only minimally explored by Gidean criticism.  Professor Yaari, in this theoretical investigation, proposes a definition as well as a taxonomy of the concept of irony, establishes its relationship with genre theory, and posits two types of irony--paradoxical and poetic--as markers of literary modernity.  This study, from a structuralist perspective, considers Paludes to be a pivotal text--one of the first manifestations of modern ironic narrative prose.  This book is a highly original contribution to Gidean and narratological criticism.

ISBN 0-917786-42-4 (978-0-917786-42-6), clothbound, 280 pp.  (1987)                                       $38.95*

Vladimir Volkoff, Vers une métrique française (in French)

     In this study, Professor Volkoff challenges the notion that the sole metrical basis for French poetry is the counting of syllables.  He attempts to demonstrate that, contrary to accepted opinion, French poetry is based upon the same elements as most contemporary Western metrical systems.  In this manner, Volkoff lays the foundation for a new means of analyzing and perhaps even writing French verse.  This is a fascinating approach to French poetic analysis and composition that would interest linguists as well as those who study the evolution of French prosody.  Vladimir Volkoff (now deceased) is a well-known novelist and scholar whose works have been honored with several literary prizes: in particular, the best-selling Le Retournement (Julliard, prix Chateaubriand) and Le Montage (Julliard, Grand Prix du Roman de l'Académie Française).  His works are featured in one of Summa's literary studies: John Dunaway, The Double Vocation: Christian Presence in Twentieth-Century French Fiction.  See Google Book Search on our home page for more details.

ISBN 0-917786-01-7 (978-0-917786-01-3), clothbound, 203 pp.  (1978)                                       $33.95*

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